Thursday, July 22, 2010

What on earth?

Okay, can somebody please decode this?

So I was reading a novel, when my  son comes up to me and showed me this.

me: Where did you copy this from?
son: I wrote it by myself.
me: Clever boy. But, seriously, where'd you copy it?
son: I made it up. It's mine.
me: Are you trying to tell me something I don't know?
son: heee heee heee

Okay, I understand the Selena Gomez bit, but this baffles me. I've been trying to make sense of it since Monday.
It's creeping me out


  1. He mimicked you. He's making a list, probably to-do's like you did. Now, mama, make sure you all your more private ramblings are out of reach of children, ye?

    Brilliant kid!

  2. today in action... game is over hahahah

    who knows what the kids are thinking, but those sounds like provocative thoughts. sounds like poetry! great stuff...

  3. maybe its his game list? you know create a game and the steps toward it ? game is over !! apa pun, creative !

  4. Saya rasa anak puan telah berkawan dengan mahkluk asing yang menyuruk di bawah katil anak puan.
    Dan mungkin itu adalah kod rahsia mereka

  5. Hey! That's a CIA code la. Careful there, you don't want men in black suits knocking on your frontstep :)
    Kids, they always surprise us kan?

  6. Doc maybe he went thru too much of 'Peter & Jane' ladybird series in kindy kot.. you know the one that repeats the same few words in so many different ways.

    Otherwise, i'll go with the makhluk asing theory hehehe.

    Comey ;D

  7. 17 years old? Selena kot in his mind... clever boy!

  8. buy me a new PS2 game cd? <- i think :P

  9. Maybe he's trying to tell you that he decode what constitutes home leads to homework and homework is like a game and now that his homework is over hence the last bit Game is Over? No? Ahahahha...ignore me as Im not making any sense at all.
    Whatever it is, HE IS DEFINITELY BRILLIANT!!!

  10. KakHaza: It sure looks like a to-do-list but it looks more complicated than mine! haha
    Syah: yes, it is a bit like poetry kan? Esp towards the end. I'm more confused.
    KakJune: But even I can't solve those kind of games. nd he's inventing them? creepy.
    Gerb: ha! macam crita CJ7 pulak..hihi..anyway, I cried watching that flick. I'm pathetic, I know.
    Diket: sometimes, he talks to himself. Which makes me wonder if he's really talking TO the secret mic with the CIA.

  11. Nik: wah! hope not. I don't want monks and the French Police chasing after him. Wouldn't mind Tom Hanks though.
    KakJustiffa: I doubt it but I'm going with the makhluk asing theory as well.
    Zaki: OMG, you know Selena Gomez's age? Somebody has been wathing too much E! hehe
    KakKash: Can he apply writing in one of your adds?
    Che: Possibly. Except his dad has a console but dah lama berabuk dalam stor..haha
    Nana: you're making me more confused..argh..but Chiam says thanks!