Sunday, July 18, 2010

Made it through Ipoh Run! ( despite being hanged)

Okay folks, I have to get this done tonight because this week I'll be swarmed with work. Start now? Point form format?

  1. Wanted to bertolak from home at 4.30 am but the kids were whimpering in their sleep so I had to make them go to sleep to avoid early morning drama. So bertolak at 5.00 ish instead.
  2. Oh, forgot to tell you, hubs couldn't join me in this race due to last minute duty calls, so I had to run solo ( gasp!)
  3. Because I was so busy belting out Pixie Lott's Cry Me Out, I missed the Ipoh exit and went into the Simpang Pulai/Kuala Lumpur lane. Crap! So I did what I've seen other naughty motorist did before, I crossed the devider ( and hope to God I don't get stuck in the longkang in the middle). Saved me a good half hour oo.( sila jangan tiru aksi ini)
  4. Arrived at Stadium Indera Mulia at 6.08 am , parking still available. Yay!


  1. The officials tied our wrist with those plastic pengikat you get on your plastic bags if you shop at Mydin. Tied up betullah ni. Rasa cam PATI pun ada.
  2. There was like a sea of school kids and it was impposible to get a familiar face. Sep baik met up with Yim, Pui San and their friends. Takdela rasa sunyi sangat.
  3. I started the race without much mood to race actually. Dunno why I felt so crappy. And then the Emcee annouced that the HM runners will start at the same time with 10K. Great. We were supposed to be flagged off at 6.45 am but it was 7.00 am instead. Well, okayla tu. Better that 7.30am which was last year's starting time.
  4. As usual, my left leg went stiff as a board the first few miles. Berat betoi! So I started slow but it got better.
  5. It's so nice to run on a familiar route. I started my first posting in Ipoh so it was nice to see all the familiar landmarks.
  6. Eh, some guys just can't take it if some tudung lady potong them, okay. Must la show kiasu-ness walaupun panting cam orang lelah. Suketi ko la.
  7. The route markers and the distance markers are well placed. They even painted it on the road. When I came to 10K mark, I was surprised to realize I PBed. Sub 1 hour some more! ( 59 minutes). Wah! Betulkah? 
  8. Oh yes, last time in SCKLM I stopped at all water stations only to realize at the end of the race, I forgot to drink from my water bottle in my pocket all this time. Apoda. This time, I vowed to rely on my water bottle only. Okay what, cut off some minutes. And I didn't even realize they only had 3 water stations! Patutla kat sponging station cam takde air je.
  9. When I ran past Jusco Ipoh, I thought " Ohh, dekat je lagi" tapi tak jugak. Then when we went in Kg Simee, I thought , " Ohh..stadium dah dekat ni" tapi tak jugak. When I saw the stadium, I thought, " Ehh..dah sampai" tapi tak jugak. It all seems so near when you're riding in a car before.
  10. I'm doing better on hills. Ok, there were no hills but slopes.I'm doing better on slopes. My theory is that now that I'm living in a two story house, all that stair climbing is making my legs stronger. Boleh tergunapakai ke theory tu?
  11. I felt okay thought the race, and the weather was awesome. I am blessed with awesome weather through out my races this year ( except Bidor HM)
  12.  Finished with a PB! And got nombo 29. Alhamdulillah..
Ok, enough babble. Gambar time. Post Race.

                                                     Jeng jeng jeng..dapat jugak PW Yim . Incik Yim tolong jgn snicker

   With Yim, Pui San and a friend I forgot to get his name. Okay, My Oral Sugeon once commented that I've become tan. I replied , " Ye ke?". This picture comfirms  I'm in denial.
p/s Guys out there, Pui San is real cute in person. 

                                 Yim demonstrates how to finish a race happy. Macam inilah, itu pun tatau ka?

                                                                                        ohh..cenggitu rupanya.

                                                                                      This one is for Nadia

                                                     Post run ice cream! Or as Adik puts it " Mat Kol, Mat Kol, kawan kol"

         Okay, seriously I thought this was a saman from my early morning stunt at the highway. Sep baik it was just some ad for pinjaman apantah.

Ok, abis dah kot. Oh, oh and the medal rocks.


  1. Hawhawhaw ... aku malas betoi nak wat report. Somemore the one I do so the banyak lah panjang. Wait till I get over the kemalasan dulu. Good to bump into you. Kinda nice event without much of a drama. Eh takde pon gambar finishing yang aku amik tu? Tanyang lah skit hehe. Hated that tie thingy. Dah lah mine was a bit too tight. Seriously brought new meaning to a 'tied' event lol. Hope to see more of you in future races and tahniah ngan PB. Powered by the gleaming smiles!

  2. u rawk doc!...pb lagi. tahniah! anda memang pelari yang bagus. teruskan usaha.

  3. Yim : Ha..dah bubuh dah tu..tapi cam poyo je gambar I..haha. Congrast to you for PB oso lah. Always the berdesup2 one.
    Shuk : Haha Thanks.Lari macam itik pun takpela ek, asal sampai destinasi. Kuikui

  4. Caya cuka aunty doctor punya jam!

    Congrats on the PB. Hooyah!!

  5. Owhh...aunty doktor pakai keta power of dreams ke...caya cuka!!!

  6. 1) fantastic timing. im so proud of you like a mother :)
    2) YEAH post race milo! I got my fix too, siap ambik 4 cawan lagi.

  7. heheh love ur story, and congrats on ur new pb .. i can only dream of that timing LOL .. love ur finishing pic, cute giler

  8. love the finishing photo... priceless...

    and good job on the PB!

    eh bila nak bukak kelab kereta gagak itam nih?

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  10. Whoa! You made me reading this so fast also la. Phew! PB reading it I think :D
    Congrats Doc. Lepas ni dah tau teori, habis la stair running sokmo.

  11. Adoi! Mana nak sorok muka nih... huhu.
    Well done doc! That's a very fast time. Congrats!

  12. well done on the PB. Saya pun nak lari gak lah camni next year. Asik baca report org jer :P Keep it up yer!

  13. KakHaza: Jam tu dah nak lunyai dah..I was just thinking of replacing it with a Garmin..heehee.
    I love my car,Blackie. Manyak jimat luit minyak ooo. You have a blackie too?
    Rayzeef ; Thanks. YoU PBed too kan? Congrats kembali :)
    Nadia : Thanks. You know now when I get Milo post race, you will always be in my mind..haha
    KakJune: Haha..good thing Yim was there to snap it..kalao tak kena reenact like him..hehe. Thanks.
    Syah : Thanks. Ada Blackie jugak ke? Wah, mana saya mau isi borang?
    Diket: Thanks. Boleh pakai ke teori tu? Tapi I'm still not testing out the theory on the dreaded double hills.
    Zaki : Laa..sorok bakpe. Haha. I had a good laugh looking at your kain batik pic. Like dalam berpantang pun ada..haha. sep baik tak terlondeh..Congrats on running barefoot too! Hub will be thrilled to find another barefoot runner.
    Che: Lari la che. Then can balik kampung what? dah dekat dah sangat tuu. Next year for sure they'll improve heaps

  14. Lari mcm nak terbang,sebab tu laju. Congrats for ur PB.

  15. cm nak terbang? cam mak lampir la pulak..haha

  16. bestnya lari, lepas tu dgn puisan pulak tu...
    tahniah kerana berjaya melarikan diri

  17. ijam: uih..ada crush kat Pui San ke? heheh..Puiiii Sannn, tengok dia niiiiii...