Friday, July 30, 2010

Denial. Revisited.

So as it was raining and hub wanted to do his 4 miler anyway, I decided to run on the dreadmill instead. To tell you the truth, the poor thing has been neglected these past few weeks, sitting there in the corner, quietly collecting dust and cobwebs(!). I found segala mak nenek on the tread in bits and peices, dried rice ( the dining table is next to it), color pencil stubs ( little boy likes to do his coloring there despite my repeated warnings not to) dan lain lain lagi.

I decided today, I'm bored of doing the usual 5km at such such speed. I'm bored of such monotony, bored of waiting when the run will end. I noticed there were 6 preset programs and I don't remember the last time I tried one of those. So, I chose on of the incline programs for 40 minutes and just followed the routine while little boy busied himself doing homework and little girl sat there nibbling on her snack.. And whaddya know, it was quite allright. I huffed and puffed on the incline especially the maximum 10 but it wasn't as hard as I dreaded it to be.And although it was less than my usual mileage, according to the digital screen, I burned twice more calories. Tapikan, to tell you the truth the thing hasn't been calibrated since we bought it 5 years ago so leh caye ke? heh heh.
But anyway, 40 minutes felt more like 20 so it wasn't that bad. It kinda reminded me that running on the dreadmill is not such torture once you get it over with. So could possibly dreadmill turn to a thrillmill?

Err..I still seriously doubt that. But I shouldn't kutuk2 sangat my dreadmill kan? It was my savior when once I thought running alone outside was imposible. Dulu boleh je buat kan?

Ngengada betul.

On another note, some junior collegues have shown interest in running . One even wanted to run her first marathon in PBIM. Thing is they're all talk and haven't done squat. I've given tips and stories. I've even suggested joining the FMVs. I've even handed one of them a form for a run nearby for 6K.
But when I ask for their progress they give me truckloads of excuses : we couldn't find the right gym, I'm asthmatic, it's raining, too tired from work.
And it's beggining to feel like I'm the only one enthusiastic about it all. Cam poyo je.
So I've stopped asking. Ive stopped hoping.
Lantak ko le labu


  1. Doc, you can try and try you did to coerce them to be healthy. The rest is up to the individual wanting a lifestyle change. You cant control their minds, well this isnt inception the movie lol

  2. you did ur best and the rest is up to them and hey, promote fmv lagi, thanks! u r progressing well on dreadmill, we have elliptical at home now, sometimes i miss dreadmill for the programmes .. no choice but to huff and puff .. but if buy sure tak guna lol .. have a good wkend!

  3. me too..hoping that your boroi friend would somehow change his lifestyle from sedentary KFC eater becoming a mild jogger, its too damn difficult...'balik kerja pukul 9 mlm la, takde masa la, bini marah la, sabtu ahad lagi la tak boleh' (what??!!)...

  4. Yim: Yes, it's all up to them eh? I tensen2 pun tak guna. p/s didn't have the chance to watch inception yet..macam bes je
    KakJune: I'm always promoting FMVs and one of them did say she knows about FMVs thru FB..Wah! Sudah glamer ye skarang.
    Ijam: Too many excuses when they can really get over it and just do it..Sigh. Taknak seribu dalih kot.

  5. pahabaq kak..lama x jenguk sini.aritu taiping run sy ada sana. tp bkn run la. makan kenduri kat kamunting maa. kui3. PBIM insyaAllah on

  6. huih..hang punya intro kemain no..baru akak nak kata awat hang tak mai tegoq akak/bro wan kt larian tu..rupa2nya hang pi kenduri..hampeh hang..haha

  7. whether it's a dreadmill ke, thrillmill ke or running outside, it's better than no run kan? good job there.

    some people just ain't up to the level of enthusiasms. they need something hard to make them realise the important of exercise.

  8. Diket: So true. I don't want to be a nag but if I hear them complaining about the weather and blaming it on not running, I just go , " Ugh!" inside.