Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So last Saturday ( tu dia, crita dah basi), hub was away for work and I was bored stuck at home so I decided to go out to Perda , Penang with my sister for some possibility of shoe shopping.

I love my Gazelle but you see, my Gazelles are seasoned. All worn  and winded out. Plus, I'm getting a tad bit tired of the colour. I've given up all hope of matching them with my running gear. I'd be running on the streets, and some random guy would point out, " Birunya kasuit!"

I found out most stores don't sell Gazelles anymore. Seems that they're outdated. Whatever. So I surveyed and concluded that the model that's almost similar to Gazelle's perks is the Adidas Adizero. Thing is, I always find myself in bad luck when it comes to finding my perfect pair. I go to one shop, they say they're all out of stock. I go to the other, they say got 30% discount but only men's shoes are available.

So anyway, when I stepped in an Adidas Outlet in Penang, I went straight to the smiling salesboy :

Me: Adidas Adizero ade?
Boy: Adijelo aa? Got got. Got 20% discount some more.
Me: Wah! Good ..good. 
I scanned the stock card and noticed size 6 1/2 are all out.
Me: Alah, my size already finished aa?
Boy : Eh your feet look like size 6 lo. size 6 got what.
Me: Cannot. I already tried. Size 6 muat2 elok je. If I run long distance, my feet will expand, then my toes will go all black one.
By this time, the boy was laughing like it was the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard.
Boy : Can lah, kak. Every shoes cutting different what. You try first la. ( While trying to shove those shoes on my feet). Where got feet can expand? Funny la you.

Suka hati ko la dik oii..

Anyway, I haven't been running much a week after SCKLM. Konon rest week la. But then Monday I didn't run too. Konon demam la ( actually a little bit). Then Tuesday I ran 3 miles. And today initially I planned to do some speedwork, but because I went to work with some sniffles and it was freaking cold at the office that I almost anticipated snow, I had a headache and waved off my run. Tapi boleh pulak pegi pasar malam lepas tu...

Excuses, excuses, excuses.
Excuses, excuses,
Dan excuses lagi.


  1. Penang Bridge dah dekat ooo...

    meh beli kasut kat Pavilion :)

  2. rajin rajin traineng..PBIM sudah hampir:)

    Pavillion banyak kasuit wooo doc, semua warna dan size ada...mai cek mai.

  3. Pavillion shopping coach daa!

  4. haha... try telling him, size kaki in the morn is different than evening... =)

  5. love ur excuses, boleh guna for me oso heeh .. no worrieslah u will soon be running again, hopefully in new shoes yang boleh kaki expand hehe

  6. So did you get those adijilo? What happened after that? Next time you come to KL, go straight to Adidas outlets in Pavillion or Garden. Happy shoe hunting :)

  7. try mi adidas at pavilion and personalise ur pair according to ur feets' needs and enjoy the fun part of it, that is color scheme matching..

    the best thing is, if u have the adination passport u can enjoy 50% discount, i dah check haritu, for adijelo, lepas discount dlm RM200 lebih sikit je..

  8. Guys I thot Pbim in Nov? Jauh lagi tuh!
    JJ, same case here. Me, only this morning did 4.5k, 10 days rest/malass after kl.
    adijilo is a good shoes I can attest.

  9. Excuses excuses excuses.
    Same thing here.
    First it was the shoes (wasn't built for pavement running). Then the thesis. Then the sun (too bright! And I got a pair of sporty sunglasses). Then music player playing up (or was it me? Anyway I've got a new one).

    Need to start running again!

    And I need to get a left knee checked when I get back. Hurts a lot since early this year..

  10. Syah: Ya la..I thought lama lagi..rupanya 4 bulan je lagi..huish.
    Rayzeef: mai ai , jauhnya nak shopping kasuit...takpe, takpe kalo ada kilija nak pi kl buleh usha kat pavillion.
    KakHaza: tu la..pesanan ini ditaja oleh Pavillion..haha
    Fong: After he laughed at me, I malas oredi. I hope as a salesperson, he does his reading.
    KakJune: I sure hope I find them Adizeros one day. I spent a whole day today but still either no luck or no sale.
    Diket: Nope, didn't get that particular Adijilo. I like normal colour toenails , thank you very much..haha Sorang lagi promot Pavillion ni.
    Syed: To tell you guys the truth, I never been to Pavillion..I know, shocker! Will try to go there one day.
    Eh the adination passport tu kena some kind of chop to certify you ran in the trainings kan? My brother has the passport but I think he went just twice kot. Still can qualify for the 50% ke?
    Zaki: Nov pun dekat jugak tu..I just nervously realized..minus treneng bulan puasa, cuti raya, open house bla bla bla = 2 months je lagi..erk?

  11. Judin: And when will you be back, my dear? Hopefully by raya? You can join us in PBIM? ( after you get those knees checked)
    Racun dan racun lagi.

  12. Yup, by raya. The latest date that I can book my flight is 27th or 28th August this year. Ngeee

  13. Judin: haha..28th tu besday Rumaysa tau..can tuntut hadiah dari Pak Su nih..

  14. yr runnig story...mybe kne ade patner...baru sronok nk run..all da best..keep running")

  15. Kaki lari: Hi! Thanks for dropping by :) Yes, I have a running partner, but only on weekends provided that my parents are available to babysit. And yes, ada running partner baru best sket lari..kuikui