Friday, July 2, 2010

Quek Mambo.

You know what got to me this week? That kinda struck a nerve?
The fact that I suddenly realize I have a terrible form while running.
I used to imagine myself running heroically, like those elite marathon runners you see on ESPN. Head upright, spine straight, arms moving swiftly from side to side, legs pumping steed like, ab muscles rippling to every sleek movement ( okay, maybe not that one).
When I saw 3 videos, one on Youtube and two from the marathon-photos website, I was mortified. I run like a duck. Yes, people. I waddle. With my arms swinging in a flap like motion. And my legs are humongous. And the grey pants are baggy sebijik cam MC Hammer.
And don't get me started on my finishing photos.

Here are some of my favourite finishing photos of the RBUs. They're all so heroic, stoic and stallionlike ( sorry aa you guys , I hope you don't mind)
I ciloked most from Ijam's blog since he's such a superb photographer-puji sket.

And the one that I like the most

okay, she's not an RBU but I like her pecs.
And here I am:

Pitiful.Just plain pitiful. Macam kanak-kanak Ribena pun ada.


  1. Doc, you're flying there... ok what your form. But I havent seen you running yet laa.. I got same prob. I think I lean too much to the front, i think laa..

  2. Eh! 1st lagi ka? Mana ijam... dah I nak gi mesjed nie hope to see diket & det...

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  4. Cute apa! Airborne summore!

    Most of my running photos lagi horror! That's why I myself can't look at them.

    And I'll nominate you as RBU with the most vague post-titles, can't guess what's inside just looking at them. hehehe. Hepi wiken!

  5. hahahahaha, you had me laughing out loud at KLCC here kahkahkah...

    you strides tu nnt Shuk copy for class minggu depan heheh

  6. Julin, what are you carrying in your pockets tu, babe?

  7. She'c carrying karipap la Kash.. apa lagi.
    Agen karipap category 42km dah ada, Julin ni agen karipap category 21km lah kot.

    P/s: Hmm, bila la saya nak ada enam ketul karipap kat perut mcm #4205 tu...

  8. echoing kak haza, cute apa!
    and looks like you were sprinting towards the finish line.. heroic!

  9. Chumel lah, springy steps some more. karipap? lol. sure its no pisang ke? less swinging of the arms widely to conserve energy and better form.

    next, kena pasang turbo lah lol

  10. Kakkk...
    Ahahha...mana ada mcm duck. Kiutt miutt and you look like a school girl pun ada. And THAT IS A COMPLIMENT!

  11. Janji takde injury and happy :)

  12. doc carry duit nak beli karipap.

    i oso wan the abs. kalau makan karipap banyak2 agak2 dapat tak?

  13. Doc, you might not look 'heroic, stoic & stallion like' but you sure as hell make running look fun... and easy!! seronok akak tgk rasa mcm nak join je happy happy joy joy ;p

  14. che ooi, come lotey lah .. toksah dok bagi orang kata lein ok??

  15. I kinda like your redah je style, Julin. From the way you said your hp can only call and send sms, to your grey running pants. You might not look mean and menacing, but you're speedy!

    You don't need to change anything.

  16. WHO CARES? girls my age run in shorts shorts and sleeveless tees and i run in large tshirts and long pants. it's all about the running baby, and definitely not the style.

    i love your individuality.

  17. At Dubai Marathon got some runners (caucasians) in cotton tees, didn't look serious at all, and they were fast.

    Yes, I love your individuality. Yours too, Nadia.

  18. Hihi..comel je doc. But u really look young la. Baru lepas abis spm ek?

    My fav pic - Sis Haza's

  19. OMG, I just reread this post and realized I wrote I like someone's boobies. Arggh. Ni la bahana writing an entry in a hurry and not rechecking it.
    I meant I like her abs, her 6 packs, not pecs.
    Sila gelakkan saya.

  20. Zaki : Haha..ya la. I'm airborne. But a little also like hantu tak jejak bumi. Ijam tido kot.
    Kak Haza: Did I tell you I love you? made my day kak! I feel like a million dollars. And as for the titles, it's usually the first thing that pops in my mind, tak kira la ada kaitan ngan entry or not. haha.
    Syah: Eh nak tiru..kena buat copyright nih. Sila contact ejen saya.

  21. Kak Kash: I have my kedai runcit in my pockets. right pocket powergel, left side water bottle, back one keys, ic, hp. No wonder so bulky kan?
    Nik: Weh tak paham la lawak karipap ni but FYI if I eat karipap before run, I get gas. Tapi okla no, daya tujahan.
    Syed: haha cute?? I seriously doubt it but I was sprinting to the finish line sbb I can't wait to get it done with. Senyum2 tu sbb abis

  22. Yim : aye aye sifu! Anything for your PW :)
    Nana: I was hoping to meet you nana and see how comei you are in person. PBIM boleh kot no?
    Diket : Somebody also told me that when I was wailing away about myself. Janji happy ek?
    Syuk: bolehhh..tapi dia tak jadik 6 packs, dia jadik 2 pack jr..satu bulge atas, satu bulge bawah.

  23. KakJustiffa: Is Justiffa your real name? It's really pretty. Anyway, I was enjoying myself and you wouldn't want to meet me post race because I tend to babble non stop about the race.
    KakJune: You and your compliments, they're non stop. Thanks, Kak June ;)
    Nadia: I think we both have the same thing in common. We're guy-girls. That's meant in a good way coz we don't give a feck that we like sweating more than doing other girly stuff.
    Gerb : Arghh..arghhh..KEMBANG. Bestnya kena puji pagi ni. Baju dah tak muat ni. Yes, I love that picture kan? Very Epic.

  24. comel la tu...i'd probably never make it to the finishing line, hihi, or kalau tiba pun orang lain dah balik so takde sapa ambik gambar :)

  25. KOG: silap tgk kot? haha.Nolah, if you want to start I'll be your support group. Seriously.