Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dream Machine

It has been a month now. And a blissfull month it has been.
No hassles of work, no worries of deadlines and paperwork. Don't get me wrong, I love my job.
I just hate the paperwork and administrative aspect that comes with it.

I spend my days taking care of my babies. I do some chores, watch loads of crap TV and get myself hooked on an Indonesian sinetron ( I blame my mom for this)
Best giler.

The other day, I went for my one month post natal checkup at the clinic.
The nurse asked me my weight the last time I stepped on the scale post baby.
Told her I didn' t have the guts to even peek at the numbers.

All I can say is, that day I found out that I 've lost
10 kgs over a month without even trying.
Bestnya if it's like this all the time.

The reality of it is, I have 4-5 kgs to go to get my pre pregnancy weight back and I predict that will take months and months.
Tu belum sentuh lagi pasal mantaining it.

Now that I've got 2 grown kids and a baby in the mix, I need all the motivation I can get to continue running.
So, it's plain logic that the next step is to splurge on a spanking new treadmill , right?
Logic la kan?

I want a ridiculosly large treadmill with its belt possibly wider than my current one. I want one with a built in LCD screen so that I can not only watch movies from it, but possibly surf the internet. I want one that is so quiet, smooth and efficient that I will not feel the minutes go by the whole time I'm running ( okay, this is like pushing it a bit).

I'm so peeved by manufacturers selling treadmills with belts so narrow, all you can do on it is catwalk. Sadly most of the treamills displayed here in Taiping are similar to those.

So nak tak nak kena venture pi KL la in search of my dream machine.
 Suggestions on where, anyone?