Monday, July 12, 2010

Chasing dragons with plastic swords.

When people ask why I transferred from my old workplace to my current one, I always say it's because I was promoted.

Okay, that's true. But the real reason is : I was tired of being the leader.I was tired of making the decisions.I was done with making the calls. For 5 years I did that and I needed a break.

I wanted to be a follower. Lead the way and I'll be two steps behind. Tell me what to do, I'm tired of doing the thinking.

In my new office, I got that. I didn't have to think of running the place. I didn't have to manage people so much. I can concentrate on my clinical work. I got that. I had that. For a month.

Now things have taken a new turn. Suddenly I find myself on the spot. Suddenly I'm back at the position I ran away from. The difference is, the organization is bigger. Keluar mulut harimau, masuk mulut buaya.
Padan muka aku.

But that's work for you. Sometimes you just don't have a choice. Not now anyway.
But hey, you can either moan about it or move on.
I've decided to move on.
Go me!

Lagipun I have to stay positive. This weekend I will run in a race where I'll be tied down with a rubber band and then hanged. Adoi!


  1. There are always challenges up the carrier path. Same goes with running. Perhaps now you are pacing somebody, who knows someday you'll be the pacer. Anyway, I still like to be the follower at work also :D

  2. Ooops! Terlupa. Good luck for your race. Really wanna read THE RACE report. Very the special race one. Don't get tied up too much ok. Hahaha.

  3. Same here. I resigned from a post last year. Wasn't happy being a leader and when I wasn't happy it showed in my performance.

    I guess we're just the executive types, not the managers kot.

  4. samalah kita doc..

    echoing diket, i akan ternanti-nantikan race report you yang always ada pinch of humour itu :)

  5. The dragon tu pon plactic jugak kot? Huhu... whatever that means...
    Good luck doc, at work and THAT race. Be careful jgn sampai terjerut... huhu

  6. perspective, can do it doc...
    dont let other people's perspective that government hospital ( know what)..

    apalah aku cakap ni...
    good luck doc...nasi ayam jgn lupa...

  7. good luck on the race...errr what race ya?

    Gold Coast race yang Diket promote tu ker? he he

  8. Make sure you bring your own rubber bands lol! All the best Doc

  9. Diket: But I don't wanna be a pacer..but whining is so unattractive kan? hehe
    Aye aye boss, report will be ready on your desk Monday morning.
    KakHaza: I love that idea. We're the executive type. Has a nice ring to it. hehe
    Syed: I'm still trying to get over the fact that you're 30 and not 21...wah! look so young.( walaupun takde kaitan ngan your comment)

  10. Zaki: Tak terjerut, terjerat adelah..haha ( lawak poyo)
    Ijam : Yes, sometimes patient's expectation is high but we try to cope. BTW, I work at a clinic and not hospital. Oncall only at hospital. Confused yet?
    Nasi Ayam!
    Rayzeef: Yes, Gold Coasttt..betullah tu..hehe
    Yimster: Eh you going too kan? Jangan buat2 tak nampak, ok. Kang I tie you misai with rubber band.

  11. julin, tie yim and then can leave him and run ! its part and parcel of office politics .. but i am sure apa pun u will be able to handle and move on ! good luck up north, jangan ikat diri kat orang lain except those u trust heheh

  12. KakJune: Haha..marah Yim nanti. Thanks KakJune, will keep that in mind :)