Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our town ( Taiping Heritage Run)

It is now 9.30 pm and I'm trying to get this done before my kids' bedtime and before the week starts as I'll be  busy at the office. Hins hins.



  1. During race kit collection on Friday, the volunteers took 30 minutes to get my bib as my name wasn't in the list. So at last they came up with a bib with hand written numbers for me. Sedihnya because I registered early and hub had no problem with his. But they were apologetic enough so whatever. 

keshian kat shaye
  •   Hub just got back from his week in the hutan so he was lacking of rest and sleep but insisted on going for this run, barefoot. Told him the least he could do is take it at a slower pace (mine) and be my pacer. 
  •  This is my last race before Ramadhan!   
  • Did I tell you I loved the goodie bag. By far, this race has got the most goodies in a bag. My brother pointed out that I paid RM30 fees, so I'm supposed to get those things. Thing is, some RM45-RM60 races don't give out anything more than a banana post race.
banyak oo..and we got 2 shirts in the bag. Notice the rubix cube.
  The Race.

  • We were supposed to be flagged off at 7.00 am but they made us wait at the Majlis Perbandaran Taiping building. There were so many participants for a small town race and everyone was talking and ignoring the poor uncle on the megaphone. At 7.20 am, when the iron gate opened, naturally everyone started running only to be stopped a few seconds later. Rupanya there was another starting point. Cis, buang karan.
  •  So after some VIP stopped blabering to himself, we were gunned off slightly over 7.30 am! The route started at Taman Tasik Taiping. We knew this route like the back of our hands ( eceh) so it was quite okay. I planned to go at 6 minutes/km and anything below 1:30 would be good.
  • Tapikan, after two flat races ( SCKLM and Ipoh Run), I couldn't get the hang of this quite hilly route. I was quite struggling on the hills but forced myself to keep up with hubs. Hills suck.
  • To get my mind off the fatigue-ness and my palpitating heart ( now what's up with that?), I tried to concentrate on getting past the girl, any girl in front of me. Ini bukan kiasu, ini adalah motivasi. heh heh.
  • The motorist here are nice enough, just quietly waiting for us runners to pass without honking or cursing or anything, unlike in Ipoh. The RELA and Police did a superb job.
  • What can I say about the route? It's our town, we're familiar with the route, we know what to expect and when. What can I say more? It 's Taiping, it's beautiful. Oh yes, except it's quite hilly.
  • When I reached the 10K marker, my watch showed 58 minutes. Woo hoo.
  • Hub acted as motivater/pacer/traffic watcher. It was nice running with him again. Except I did wish his elbows didn't bump onto mine that often and he'd stop singing sometimes. 
  •  I let him run ahead at his pace on mile 8. At this time , the 15K route merged with the 7K route. Banyak nya budak sekolah lengang kangkung and I had to weave in and out through town.
  •  Finally sampai. Got no 27 in my category.
Like I said, anything below 1:30 is good. Backround go green oo

Gambar je la ek? Layann...

Post run meal.  Okla kan? Banana pun dapat.
Post run feet ( hubs punya la) Still clean!
Post Run makan. Walaupun kureng, tapi bedal je laa..
Post run sengeh ( berkelah on the lawn ala omputeh aa)
Post run Mat Kol Mat Kol Kawan Kol
Post Run medal ( presentation ala Vana White)


  1. Hahaha nice pic yang last tuh. Congrats to the pasangan lovey dovey. If not for HK, I would be running there. Love taiping. And did I notice a coloured medal? omg!!!! :)

  2. fuyoo medal ada color lah :)

    wah the uncle gave new meaning to word sexay beast! top that KA..he he

  3. looks like a nice sempoi run. i love this kind of running event, very low key and none of this highly decked runners. the unlcle should be arrested for being too cute for his own good. heheh

    great timing. im living out my running dreams through you.

  4. Mesti cantik kan, i like taiping lake scene very soothing to the mind

  5. many race la you ran already. Proud of you. and the color medal kengkonon mcm dapat pingat emas. I likeeee

  6. Salam doc.. the 2 of u sure look like a couple of college kids lol. comey, laju plak tu ;D

  7. gambar ok, tudung tak kelepet, kah, kah..., brp km taiping run ni?...
    so, next time, kilometre yg bawah 21, lari geli2 je le...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Huih kemain lajunya korang nih! congrats!
    Cantik tapak kaki, bro! Lari kat siemens tapak kaki gwe itam! Susah nak cuci, kena rendam air panas menggelegak baru bersih! Haha taklah, air suam laa.
    Itu uncle bole jadik model fair & lovely.

  10. Kalo Hugh Jackman join event and lari bajuless macam uncle tu, sure saya saya lari laju ;) tehehehe..

    * Tak pernah sampai Taiping lagi doc

  11. laju dari shaye lari... tahniah. Lain kali nak join gak Taiping run ni. Kampung kat Batu kurau tapi haram tak pernah masuk sebarang acara kat Tiping :(

  12. wahh ... very proud to have alot of compliments pouring in about the Taiping Run. terasa cam kita lak yang jadi organiser ... :) ..... next year, kita masuk lagi yer ..... this year melepas laahhhh ... :(

  13. Race looks cool and you guys nailed it one more time with fabulous timing somemore. Taiping sure cooling kan, especially near the lake. Lucky they don't make you run up Bukit Maxwell :)

  14. zski, only me can jadi model fair and lovely .. hehe as always good job julin and hubs .. jeles lah lari sama2 ! and u sekarang laju dan laju .. !!

  15. Yim: Ooo patutla I didn't see you there. I thought you shaved off the misai and I couldn't reconize you..hehe
    Rayzeef: Yes, KA and Zaki running in their sarongs without underwear on is nothing compared to sexy uncle okay..hehe
    Nadia: Thanks! I love small races as well. No overwghelmning crowd! and there was post race milo but there was a long line because I dunno why but school kids kept cutting q.
    Shaq: apa lagi? come and visit. next year you can join the run.
    Nana: Haha, but after this there's a long hiatus until November. Mesti kaki cam gatal2 je.
    KakJustiffa: wah! we're smiling from ear to ear. You got the best comment yet..kihkih

  16. Ijam: haha..yess tudung tak kemek macam ada awning tau..hehe. Taiping run ni 15K je.
    Zaki: Thanks.Dia kata cantik ke? Jalan kat KL nun banyak jelaga tu..Jalan Tepen ni suci murni je..heheh
    Gerb : Eh kalo Hugh Jackman lari hari tu, I ligan, ikat ngan tali boh dalam but keta.
    Zulhassan: La, orang Batu Kurau ka. Jiran ja kita ni no. Besnya jumpa orang belah2 sini. Raya ni jemput mai..heheh
    Ian: Tu la, but this running event is not an anual event kot because the last time a run was held here, it was 2 years back tak silap. The should make it annual kan because I heard this year ada 3000 participants.
    Diket: Memang cooling. And I saw one uncle wearing a shirt with Larian Bukit Maxwell ke 3 printed on the back. Baru tau of such larian. Gonna find out about that.
    KakJune: haha , thanks. Ask la your cik abang to lari too. Then your whole family can run togeder2.

  17. saya pun ada kat situ... ^^ congrate u all..

  18. hey, I thought I saw u there..congra+ts too!

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