Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exude Awesomeness

WW shared this on FB last week and  I feel that I absolutely have to share this here.
This guy, dear friends , is a brilliant example of someone who excels in not immersing himself in absolute self pity.

This guy exudes awesomeness. CP or not.

Watching him takes me back to my final year community project at SK Jln Batu a few eras ago..We had to spend a whole day with the special needs students in one of the classes. The kids were mostly blind, so our goal was to teach dental awareness among these little darlings.

We thought we were pretty smart coming up with big blow up models of teeth and food items so they can 'feel' them with their fingers as we babbled about oral hygiene.
I remember asking one of the kids, while holding one model of a molar :

" Can you tell me what that is by feel?"
" A big fat flower?"
" No it's a molar"
" Tipu la , my tooth isn't that big"

Epic fail.

Anyway, during their talent show, most of my friends bawled their eyes out watching these kids perform, thinking of what they missed being blind and all.
But what changed me that day was what happened during recess.

We assisted the teachers to line them up. One kid somehow got into a quarrel with another kid in front.
Tetiba je,
Dia kasi hayun kaki dia kasi penyepak kat mamat kat depan.

And naturally, as kids will be kids, mamat depan in retaliation, swung back his tiny feet in all different directions to get a hit at his mate.
And one kick made direct contact to my shin.

Gile sakit.

But I laughed so hard.

And it was like some sort of enlightenment.
I absolutely knew that these boys would be fine.
 They won't wallow in despair but they will push through.
They don't need our pity or tears, they just need our support.

They will prevail.
And so will we.

And we are all superheroes in our own little way.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Genius At Work

Genius excuses on not excercising this week ( and the week before)

  1. I was oncall ( last week)
  2. The baby spiked up a fever ( also last week)
  3. A rat somehow got into the house.
  4. The rat died somewhere in the house.
  5. The house reeks the smell of dead rat, and inhaling whatever gas the carcass emanates might be harmful to one's health.
  6. I'm at my parents's house most days this week to avoid the stench.
  7. I now have the sniffles.

Boleh pass tak?

Ok, next week, everyday must run.

Fuyoooo (sarcastically)