Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Of Feeling Old and TMR!

We've brought all books and the kids' toys to the new house so my kids are left with nothing to do but watch tv and write in their exercise books. Look what I found scribbled in my son's book.

 When I first saw this, I looked at hub, " Did you write this?"
" Who?" he says.
We looked at Chiam, and almost immediately he buried his face in the cushion pillow.
" Chiam suka Selena Gomez ke?"
"Arghh..argh..awww Mama, taklaaaa"
And then he went running off to the back of the house.

Haha. He's five and he has his first crush ( although he profusely denies it).
Patutla hari tu when I was watching V, he was sitting there in a trance like state watching her music video.
My little boy is growing up.
Just last two days, he changed the language status of my handphone to BM and I was fumbling to change it back to English. I ask my son to change it back and he takes 3 seconds to get it done.
" That's a sure sign you're getting old," hub snickered. " You have to get your son's help with a gadget."
Ahh Selena Gomez, if you only knew how ancient you made me feel today.

my bakal menantu? Apakah? 

But my hub was still like " Who?"

Running wise, I haven't been running since Saturday's LSD. Sunday was my rest day, Monday was skipped due to a slight knee pain since the LSD and some sniffles, Today woke up feeling feverish  and weak, so I went back to sleep after Subuh (but knee is already okay)
Takpelah kan? Resting is a part of training.
Now that I'm feeling a bit better, I swearing to TMR.
Tommorow Must Run


P/S Ok, after this post you'll only see me back here in a week. Those TM people are gonna cut the line tomorrow for our relocation.
pp/s I've seriously been thinking of FM PBIM. FM setahun sekali kunun, puiiiii.


  1. Klik je ... jangan tak klik tuk PBIM tuh :)

  2. Whoa! That is a big crush. Matured dah tu. Way to go. Jangan lupa jemput RBU for nasi minyak ok.

    After knowing lots of friends doing more than one marathon in a year, I think it's doable. Just do it as long as kita enjoy.

  3. I like his handwriting. All in CAPS. But I dont like SG, no offence to chiam.

  4. i've been looking at dogs around my neighbourhood, none matches with your description....
    see you at Standard Chartered KL (sunrise KL)

  5. errrr...selena who?

    all the best @ malakoff...nasi kandaq jgn lupa

  6. huh comey ah bakal menantu... sapa tu?

    go blaze malakoff... jgn lupa beli jeruk kat Chowrasta :)

  7. br ingat nak pi ushar kak n bro wan malakoff nnt.tapi kena jd drebar bwk pengantin pi ganu plak.selamat menggegaq penang noo..pahtu jgn lupa layann nasi kandaq line clear kat penang road :P

  8. ahaha.. comelnyer crush die =)

  9. Yim: racun..jangan tak racun..hehe
    Diket:Selena Gomez makan burittos je kot, dia tak main nasik2 nih..haha.
    Kak Kash: Haha, yes, she is a bit gedik but I don't want to let my son down. He'll find out on his own in time. thihihi.
    Ijam :Aiyoh Ijam, where got one locally. Ini wolf impot punya.
    Shuk : most of us generation X tak kenal Selena Gomez. Ask your sons, sure kenal punya.
    Syah: I love the name Chowrasta. Dulu2 ingatkan tempat jual barang2 hippies and Jamaican stuff.
    Joe: Taste dia kat omputeh tuu..
    Sun: Okla tu, hang dapat jalan pi sampai ganu. Kim salam kat Mydin hat besaq tu.

  10. Fong : Comeii..but I prefer local menatu..hehe

  11. Doc, kids these days grow up too darn fast dont they lol.. just enjoy 'em while you can :D

  12. haahh so cute, having a crush :) and go click that button for PBIM ... *batu api*

  13. KakJustiffa: Kan? They're just babies.
    Kakjune: Ni sorang lagi nak meracun..haha..nakal ni

  14. FULL!FULL!FULL! Everyone registers FULL! hehehe.. ni racun arsenik ni nama dia.. hehe

  15. crushhio: ayakkk..sorang lagi dok mai meracun..haha

  16. i guess chiam is not alone. i just typed the letter s and the first on google's suggestion list is.. selena. hehe.

  17. I just tried that. Selena in no 3 in my search engine..haha. Buleh tahan pilihan anak aku ni

  18. I will switch to diff station when i hear her song ape tu Naturally tu kot. Sangat tak best.
    But minah ni comel , Chiam suka baby- face.ihiks

  19. Haha..biasala set2 terbitan Disney nih..semua suara sama je.