Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He got Sub 2, I got Ahad..harharhar

When I was in the car, driving home from work just now, I had tonnes of idea on what to write in my report but now, as I sit here gawking at the monitor, my mind goes blank trying to think of an appropriate intro.

Apa ah? Apa ah?
Mula je lah, redah je.

Point form boleh tak?

- We arrived early to cheer on the full marathoners but as it was raining like anything, we lepak-ed under the Standard Chartered tent talking to Ijam and watching old uncles ( who had 10K bibs) nodding off to sleep on the lazy chairs.
-I dunno why but I wwas so hungry prerace ( despite the fact that we carbo loaded the night before with piles of nasi briyani and tauhu bakar). I polished off almost 2 cream buns. I was still hungry right before gun off.

The race
- I've never been to an event this big, with so many participants.We started at the back of the pack and it took almost 2 minutes to cross the starting line. Then we had to weave through the crowd to find some decent running space.
- Hub decided to run with me until I reached my desired pace, then I let him go ahead to run at his pace. His feet went off in a pitty patty motion and I wwatched him dissapear into the crowd. Sedih la pulak.
-I have no polar, I have no Garmin so I can't tell the exact pace I'm going. So how was I to know if I'm moving too slow ( or too fast?eceh). I told hubs this prerace and his brilliant solution is that I calcute the timing with the distance I'm going.It all goes fine right until I reach 14.5KM and suddenly the mathematical part of my brain goes blonde and I'm like ," Err..14.5 X 6, then must convert to hours..err..apa ah?". By the time I figured out the answer, I found out that I was 7 minutes off. Ayak!
- Then I had to do one of those negative split thingys, so I fished out one of the 3 powergoos stashed in my pockets secretly hoping it's not chocolate but hey, it turned out to be chocolate anyway and took half. Somehow chocolate powergoo tasted like kuah rojak but swallowed anyway.
- I hate hills, right? So I remebered what Nadia once wrote, that hills are like karma. If it goes up, it will eventually come down. To get over those hills, I anticipated the downhill part. Whee..
-There was this other guy barefooted along the way and I wanted to tap him so badly on the back and say " My husband is doing that too!" but I didn't have the nerve because I was afraid he would think " Sebok je minah ni"..haha.
- There was also this guy wearing Vibrams/Teftas ( I can't tell them apart) and his feet went sloshing all the way. Are they supposed to slosh?
-Somebosy should've warn girls about running long distance in white vests/shirts. There are pink ones, polkadot ones, leopard print ones and even granny ones. And I'm not talking about the colour of vests.
-I love it that The FMVs had their official shirt on so I can cheer them on along the way ( kenal atau tidak belakang kira)
- The sign board says 1K to go and I'm on Jalan Tar. 5 years I've lived in KL but I had no idea Jalan Tar can tembus to Dataran Merdeka one. Had to weave in and out again through the 10K crowd.
-I finally see the end of the line and I'm seconds away from my target time. I gave all I got left while my eyes are fixed on my ten ringgit watch, watching the seconds go by. So if all my finishing photos shows me looking at my wrists, it's all my fault.

                                                                  Just barely made it

Offcial results as taken a few moments ago:
Congratulations Julinda Kassim on completing the
2010 KL Marathon
in a finish time of: 2:15:16
(as usual my finishing photo looks weird so I will not post it here harhar)

- I blogged about dreaming a PB a few nights back. Well, in that dream I got a 2:17. Reality is even better!
- Yayy!!
Post race
- Met up with hubs " whatcha get?" He got 1:53. Me? proud? Yes. Jealous? Also yes. Haha.
- He said " I saw to this guy and that girl and this woman and that man along the way" and I go " Duhh, I couldn't even spot KLCC along the route."
- Couldn't stay long although we really wanted too. More races to come, I'm sure we'll bump to each other one way or another.

Congrats bosses on your races regardless the distance or timing.
You are all super!


  1. Terrenyer!!!! yay!!! so good la you im so proud.

    i love point forms. so don't worry.

  2. urgh... sorry for the way my comment makes it seem like im super hyper.

  3. yippee... dah abis lagi dah satu... congrats doc! and congrats to Wan too... sub-2, I suspek lah...

    Missed the sponge bob grey pants this time :)

  4. and i quote "even granny ones". hahaha. lawak seh. Tapi sakit mata kalo terserempak.Not so good view.

    OMG..U did it again - lagu Usher ni.

    Congrats Doc

  5. I knew that all race reports will come in bulk these few days. Can't catch the whole story, will read it later but that timing...it's awesome. Congratulations to the both of you. You guys rock!

  6. Who knows doc, that barefooted guy that u were thinking of tapping his back might say back to you "Eh, my wife also wearing grey track bottom lah.. just like you"

    Ok, after this i will try to carboload with nasi briyani n tauhu bakar. Err.. briyani apa eh? ayam ke kambing?

    Well done to both of u. What a superb PBs.. siap mimpi2 lagi. Kronik betul tu.. hehe.

  7. kecundang di tangan nadia for 1st comment!!

    Congrats doc...!! bukan senang tu nak buat 21km,
    hmm...pink ones, polka dot ones...i thought i'm the only one peeping...

  8. Wah so the terer husband and wife team. Congrats!

  9. JJ, congrats! You guys are fast. Kalau tag team husband & wife sure you menang nie.

  10. your hubs was having fun, he passed me and turned around and and went, "hi kak june, and he was like kak june kan? and I nodded and laughed and he pointed at him "julin's husband" and lesap lol .. I knew I'd see you sooner or later ! good job to both of u .. jeles lah husband & wife team, mine still tak tau that i ran full haahah

  11. Ijam, you have lost to everyone. Sapa suruh makan durian byk2 ni.

    Doc and wan: Great job you two . Hugs hugs.

  12. Nadia: Eh..takla..I love your comment about me being diligent and lazy at the same time..i don't exactly know what that's supposed to mean but I kinda like it..haha
    Syah : Sub 5 marathon lagi org saspek tau..I need to find new grey pants. They look so baggy in photos I look like MC Hammer.
    Gerb : thanks..eh hiburan jugak too watching people's underwear..haha

  13. Diket : Thanks.we're still waiting for your report tau. Bila? Mana?
    Nik: Tu la kan..camam nerd je sampai mimpi2..haha..My pants magikal one, nanti I get you a pair.
    Ijam: I'm confused over something but I'll ask you in the next race we meet. haha. I thought you'd stare at the same things.

  14. Yim: Can't get your PW still though..hehe.
    Zaki: Congrats to you too. With so many FM in the belt, bila kami nak catch up with you?
    KakJune: Yes, he told me he saw you and I told him I saw you too and you're like a celebrity..hehe
    Kak Kash : Thanks kak. Next time kita sama2 aim sub 5 FM?

  15. OK now I read the whole point form thing. Very fast points just like you finished the race. And you guys also came and left as fast as you ran. Again, congratulations and thumbs up to your hubby for a superb barefooted sub-2. Aiyo! I can almost feel like my feet pulak yang perit :D

  16. and your hubby also said "wendy...you are wendy rite?" when he overtook me.

  17. Diket: Weh, no that fast lah. Not fast like King Mambo..hehe.
    Wendy: That's the thing, he saw everybody along the way and I can only spot 2-3 familiar faces. I so blur one. How was your maiden marathon? See you in Ipoh in two weeks?

  18. doc, congrats on ur new PB! and ur husband are superfast too! jom FM kat PBIM!

  19. Syed: Haha..Thanks. Jom reramai FM PBIM. Ada post run meals utk FM tau.

  20. Congrats Doc! Awesome timing tu. Congrats to your hubby as well. Sub 2 and bare footed, super awesome

  21. Thanks. Again congrats on your first FM..I read somewhere it's a sub 6!