Monday, August 2, 2010

Prevention vs Intervention

Lemme tell you a funny story. Not funny in the ha ha ha kind of way, but more of funny quirky way.
So we were at this Majlis Menyambut Ramadhan thingy at our neighbourhood last night. Apparently, the community here are close-knit so they celebrate almost everything together. Anyway, at the end of the gathering, the host gave each adult a parting gift- a 1kg packet of sugar. Beats me what it's supposed to symbolize.
I accepted my gift and piped out loud :
" Jenuhla nak perabih gula nih "
The women sitting around me gave me weird looks. I was like "What?"
" Honey, take it from me, the sugar will be long gone before Ramadhan" said somebody in the group.

Not in my house.

The packet of sugar we bought when we first moved here ( 2 months ago) is far from finished. Heck, half of the packet is still in its plastic stored away in the freezer. The other half stored in a small container mmg tak luak pun. I guess we're not much sugar eaters.
This wasn't planned. It's not like when we decided to get married 7 years ago, we pledged to reduce our household sugar intake. I've always been lazy to bancuh-bancuh  air manis and turns out he's the same. So we don't have our tea/milo/coffee breakfast, afternoon or evening. I only occasionally make kuih ( occasionally means like once in 4 months). I don't do cookies, cakes or whatever ( that's what bakeries or borang pesan kuih raya is for) and the sugar is only for cooking-sometimes.
So you see, it takes forever for our house to run out of sugar. Especially in Ramadhan.

So I told this to hub once he got home ( He stayed back for some neighbourhood men meeting -whatever that is). " It'll take us eternity to finish all that sugar" I said.
"I know," he replied. " That's why I left it behind" ( The poor host was like, " Whose is this? Whose is this?")
Hee hee hee.

Ok, satu lagi cerita. I ran with a Garmin on, leisurely for the first time. Usually, I run with my koroi watch but as I plan to purchase a Garmin, I might as well get used to running with one ( hub's). It was weird. First, it was so huge, it covered my whole wrist. And even after I tightened it to the maximum notch, it still slid freely on my wrist. So as I was running, it was jiggling up and down in the most uncomfortable way. I decided to ignore all that as I ran.
It was quite cool to see my actual pace. The Garmin records my average pace per mile. Before I was quite sure I ran 10:00 per mile on my easy runs so I was quite discouraged when I saw 10:45 before reaching my first mile. Oh well, I thought, kalau dah perasan tu perasan jugak.
After a while, I was startled by some vibrations on my wrists. I knew the thing buzzed  every mile but I didn't knew it vibrated. Cool.
So lari dan lari dan lari,34 minutes  and 3.39 miles later I glanced at the Garmin. Wah, it showed my pace as 9:51. Puh! And I thought I was slowing down on the last mile.
Kembang kempis idung.
Tup-tup, after Hub downloaded the data from the Garmin to our PC, the 9:51 was just the avearge pace for the last 0.39 miles. My average pace was actually 10:15 mins per mile.
Huh, kalau dah perasan tu perasan jugak.

Wah, I'm getting technical!  And I'm counting in miles.

p/s: the title comes from my public health talk this morning. I sweated myself out trying to convince people I knew what I was talking about. Boy,I suck at public health.


  1. Sama la doc. Gula kat rumah ni rasa cam tahun lepas punya. Sebab tu bila harga gula naik , tak de perasaan marah pun. Dan semenjak dah gendut ni saya minum nescafe decaff tanpa gula.

  2. I echo this entry :D

    gula susah betul nak habis, kena tunggu sedara mara dtg umah dulu baru lah luak hehehe

    bagus lah tu, tak elok memanis ni?

    Koroi? kahkahkah

  3. And people complain when the price of sugar goes up kan.

  4. gula tu maybe terasa kat tokey meniaga kuih tu atau tokey tau foo fah...

    maybe kita guna condense milk kot, sbb tu tak pakai gula...

    lagipun gula kalau bancuh dgn air tak berapa sedap pun..huhu...

    Jam garmin tu, letak kat pergelangan kaki maybe tak terlucut genggaman dia tu...
    anyway, i liked you being technical...ha, ha..

  5. laa my comment hilang? nway was saying, my house also gula tak jalan, simpan for buat air untuk guests .. and julin, perasan away, u've earned the right, u and hubs bila run berdesup laju !

  6. Gerb: Wah..ini dah kire ganas..minum nescafe tanpa gula..sedap ke?
    Syah: Tu la..stok gula is for sedara mara. Teh pun simpan just in case.
    Yim: Like Gerb said, bila harga gula naik tak marah pun. More like " what? whaa?" , confused with all the commotion.
    Ijam: Itu tak dapat Garmin sniri lagi tu. Bila dah dapat, I'll dig out all the technical mumbo jumbo, most of you wouldn't even understand what I'm going on about ( including myself).
    KakJune: Mana daa berdesup, mencecet ada la..haha. Looks like we're all more or lesss, sugarless people..kurangkan manis dalam minuman, lebihkan manis dalam senyuman..logo kkm dentalk..poyo as it is..hehe