Monday, May 3, 2010

Fingers crossed

Last weekend, while some people took part in the Borneo marathon or the Bomba Run, I participated in the Road kill Run. It’s a planned run of 11 miles and the catch is to run at easy pace while counting how many road kills we encounter en route.

There were 8 in all, ranging from frogs, mice, snakes and one large monkey (!). Thank goodness there weren't any boars involved. A few weeks ago, while on an early morning run, hub had to maneuver over three crushed boar carcasses on the road. It was a mess. Thing was, he didn’t know then what they were because it was pitch black and prayed it wasn’t human. A few hours later, when I was on my way to send my son to preschool, they carcasses were still there. Pity the nasi lemak lady whose stall was just a meter away from them boars.

Anyway, Road kill Run was cut short to 7 miles due to unavoidable circumstances such as

  1. We had one full day of house hunting ahead so we wanted to start early.
  2. Sluggishness
  3. Malas ( okay, this one is avoidable but blaaaahhhhh)

Our prize for completing the run in just over one hour is nasi lemak ( menambahkan lagi mandom) and cheers from the kids for getting back before 8. Even my mom exclaimed, “ Wah! Finished so early!”

So we inhaled down our nasi lemak and rushed to town for our house hunting session. And OMG, nobody warned me house hunting in Taiping is such a pain in the rear. We went through 2 days of search and we’re still left empty handed. It’s so mentally and emotionally exhausting. I’m so grateful that the kids weren’t whining or anything. They went through it like it’s just another jalan-jalan session and only piped out “ Kami lapaq” during lunchtime and took naps when they were bored.

Anyway, just this morning an angel in disguise called up saying he’s got a house available for me. The location is fantastic, the price negotiable and after the weekend’s nightmarish search, this seems all too good to be true. I’m trying not to keep my hopes up but I CAN’T HELP IT.
We’re off to see the house this evening so everybody keep your fingers crossed.

Unnnnhhhhhh ( bunyi semua orang meng crosskan fingers sekuat hati sambil menutup mata).


  1. lol sounds more like someone constipating. happy house hunting and best of luck!

  2. I saw cats, rats and dogs over the weekend. And one thing I definitely hate is taik anjing!! Esp yang terlenyek version! Yucks.

  3. Hihi..LOL.Normally i only passed by frogs,dog& cat shits. And once terpijak taik kucing. Terus band taman tu. (padahal sendiri yg rabun)

  4. my normal Kepong Metro run sees about 5-6 snails crushed... kesian Gary...

    house hunting? hope you got the house. I am incredibly anal about scouting, sampai sekarang pun kenot the decide... and you should - it will be home, kan?

  5. mak aih..bendalah tu pun ada..mmg adventurous+dangerous route tu..u n hub should be careful kak.anyway, gud luck with the hunting!

  6. wahhh ... must run at your route ... still fresh carcasses , unlike the ones in taiping Museum where some dated way back in 1970.

  7. yim : haha yela pulak..but i'm not happy house hunting :(
    kak Haza: yes..terpijak taik anjing tak pepasal kena samak lak kasut..haduuu
    Gerb: come to think of it, how do you differentiate between taik anjing and taik kucing? the smell? the size? kalau yang kering version I know la.
    Syah: okla tu crushed snails got no blood ( okay not red ones la) and no smell. And you don't have to stare at any bijik mata terkeluar or crushed skulls.
    Sun : Them boars dare not to go out when they see us running ( touch wood). I've hard them snort by the side of the road in the hutan but until now tak pernah terserempak one live la ( mintak simpang!) Now I'm more scared of cows, berapa kali da kena kejar.
    Ian : Come come when you balik kampung. It's nicer than the Bidor route and smells much better!
    And folks, the house I went to yesterday was utterly disappointing.I knew it sounds too good to be true. Dahla in shambles, next door got 2 large dogs the size of Clifford barking like mad. Seriously, if the stand on their hind legs, they'd be taller than me..kehkeh

  8. I stepped on a teh tarik bungkus once in front of plaza damas & the thing went WHOMP! everybody jumped aside & i had teh tarik as anti-leg soreness. lucky it was not teh masam. ada la unlucky bangla dropped it masa nak pi kerja.

    i'll ask a collegue if he could help you finding a nice house in taiping (crossing fingers while i'm at it) X)

  9. wah Diket...that's one sticky situation ( no pun intended)
    and wah sekali lagi Diket, another angel in disguise..thanks..and if there's none available, thanks still for the gesture.

  10. gambar apa Fong? gambar boar eksiden ke? believe me, you don't wanna see it.

  11. baru kutahu mengharap dengan kuat itu mengeluarkan bunyi sebegitu rupa, hehehe ;)

    good luck, babe!

  12. haha..tadak tau ka? thanks KOG, tapi sampai skarang tak dapat lagi rumah idaman :(

  13. julin message me ur number kat fb, i can hook u up with my uncle there, orang lama taiping and will be able to help u cari a good house ..