Sunday, May 9, 2010


I've posted earlier that I won't be running fro Kuala Kangsar Double Bridge Run due to unavoidable circumstances kan?
Well, on Saturday evening my dad announced that he had to settle a few things at home the next day so he and mom are able to  take care of the kids after all while I run. I was like " Great!'.

Thankfully early that morning I decided to accompany hubs for race kit collection in Kuala Kangsar. I've registered earlier and decided then that if I couldn't take part, the least I could do is collect the T-shirt and check out the atmosphere. When I approached the urusetia desk, he eyed me and said " Category H?". It took a while for my mind to register but when I realized he mistook me for a school kid, I was flattered. " F", I corrected him, beaming. Only after that I considered maybe he thought I was picking up Category H because he assumed I was a teacher picking up race kits for students. Darn it. Perasan kejap.

Anyway, on Sunday we arrived at roughly around 7am. We seriously thought they were going to start the race early but they stuck with the initial plan: at 8 am. Here are the highlights of the race

  • Before starting , we all had to sing Negaraku. That's something different. Some teenagers who thought it was not cool to sing the national anthem, talked throughout. That's seriously rude but hey, they think they're cool. Buduhs.
  • I didn't have my usual pacer. Hub who was in category B ( 15K) was flagged off first. The rest of us 12 K ( Category A, F and C) started 10 minutes later.
  • When we ran up the first bridge ( I have no idea of the name), my left foot was heavy as a log and I felt I was dragging it along. After 10 minutes, it was ok.
  • All through out the race, it wasn't as hot as I anticipated it to be. The route was rather shady. 
  • A girl in a cute running skirt took over me in the first 3rd km , so I decided to make her my pacer. I followed her pace until the water station at km 5 ( or 6?) but she dropped back when she walked to take a drink. 
  • On the 2nd bridge, I had to find another pacer. A tall skinny guy ran past me so I decided to make him my 2nd pacer. I ran behind him the rest of the race but on the last stretch of the route, he suddenly fell back and I took over him. No matter. Only 500m to go.
  • The finishing line is similar to Bidor's. You take a final turn and suddenly the end is smack right in front of you. This time I am able to give my final kick.
  • All through out the race, I only saw one woman jauuuhhhhhh nunnn in front of me. Others were all male. But I convinced myself, probably the rest of the women in my category have already finished the race. But upon approaching the final kilometer, a police officer called out to me," Kayuh laju sket , cik kak. Awak tu tengah no 3 skarang". I was like " Whaaaaat?". Apa lagi, kayuhhhhhh.
  • But when I finished, they handed me no 4th placing card and an envelope.. Kuangkuang. Perasan kali ke 2.
  • I forgot to press the stop button on my stopwatch again. Good thing, the urusetia suda catat daa..

  • After berlegar-legar, baru teringat nak bukak envelope. Inside is a note saying I won RM200. Wah! 4th placing pun dapat RM200! I was only aiming for a medal since they said only 30 people in each category are qualified for a medal.
  • This is the 2nd time menang duit. First time was a year ago. Makcik kayo.

  • Hubby qualified for a medal. He got 30th placing! Barefooted! 
                                                             It's not as bad as  it looks. It doesn't even hurt. ( Dia yang cakap)

The downside of the race :
                                                                                                   Chaos during medal collection

  • Milo Van out of Milo so soon ( ni budak sekolah punya pasal la ni)
  • No post run makan-makan? ( but that's what you get for a RM10 fee kot)
                                                                      Post run meal - hang la ni Sun, asik sebuk nasik kandaq ja.
                                                                                                    Never knew they existed. Heh.

Well, that's it about the race. It was a wonderful weekend. What's even better? We got our house! Sealed the deal on Saturday. Yaaaayyy. Berkat Mother's Day kot. hehe
Happy Mother's Day peeps.


  1. lol makcik memang kayo. good things come when you least expect it kan. your hubby ran barefoot all the way? dasyat tuh

  2. good for you Doc... now dah start cashing in on the hobby kan...

  3. Uiyooooooooooooooo..Kagumnya. Congrats dentist. Happy Mother's day :)

  4. tumpang bangga la...apa lagi belanjeee...

  5. uish,igt kak jd pom-pom ja..skali siap dpt fulus lg.congrats & epi mother's day! ayoyo..ketaq lutut tengok nasik kandaq tu..konpem masyukk tu :P

  6. Double wow! You were on top of the world. Parents babysitting, tapau two younger pacers, cash prize & medal, secured a home and get to sing NegaraKu! Well done Taiping Runners. Happy for you guys X)

  7. congrats. tak rugi lari kat tempat sendiri.. :P milo ais satu! :P

  8. Milo ais!!!! rindunyerrrrrrr

    congratulations for the cash price. that's a realy good motivation!

  9. Yim: Yes, walaupun yang masuk bukan semua otai tapi yang penting dapat duit.hehe..
    He runs daily barefoot but this is his first race barefoot.
    Syah: Haha..tapi masih belum pulang modal..nak pulang modal jadik Kenyan la kan?
    Gerb: Jgn kagum ngat. Timing takdela sehebat mana..kuhkuh..
    Ijam: Buleee..mai tepeng I'll belanja nasik ayam
    Sun: Memang masyukkkk nasik kandaq tu..tambah bila dok lapaq- puhhh ( aksi hanya boleh ditiru selepas larian ok)
    Diket: Yeah, the best part is singing Negaraku..kehkeh..If you guys Geng Kaki Lambung masuk sure abis duit hadiah kena sapuu..
    Che: I thought you were gonna join this one. Was on the look out for you..sort of.
    Nadia: Milo ais sedapnyeeee..but darn those school kids- siap bantai sorang 6 cawan.

  10. fuyooo ... menang duit. nampak muda. nasik kandaq. seriously la doc, when i saw u at ENR, I thought u were a school kid (STPM level lahh) .... fuyooX12 ..

  11. I just saw your hubby's pic running barefoot kat Pui San's blog, dasyat! I think I also wanna try bare foot running gak and get a taste myself running au naturel :)

  12. wah that was some fun Julin, and congrats on the race and on the new house, kat mana in Taiping??? leh lah visit you when we balik taiping :) - i agree, you can easily kata student lagi ler hihi

  13. oh wow...what a small world. im the gal in the "cute" running skirt. :) anyway, where do you live? come join us for LSD in ipoh.

  14. Yim : try la..he took it up after getting his knee injured during PBIM 09. According to him, his knee pains are long gone. According to him tak berani nak try.
    KakJune : Nanti kita calling-calling ek bila u balik kg.
    Wendy : Hehe..doing LSD in Ipoh? far for LSD. Anyway, next time we meet I'll definitely say hi. Just make sure you wear them skirts so I could recognize you..hehe. Talking about the skirt, what's up with them? I saw you adjusting it every 10 minutes.

  15. haven't wear it for more than a month. felt so loose like it was going to drop. that proves my training works. haha...

  16. what I love most about running. the losing weight part..hehe