Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy busy busy

Argh, it'll be a busy week. It will be my last few days in my current working place and I have to get everything done before I leave. And I've still got tons to do.
I'm still taking 3 days off to arrange my children's new nursery and kindergarten. Then, go furniture shopping. Then have to haul the whole lot into a 3 tonne truck for the big move. My God, you may say, a 3 tonne truck? Takdela, our stuff is not that much. Just that, that's the only size truck available for moving purposes from hub's employer. I bet, it'll only be half full.

Our current house is a large half furnished government bungalow. When we first moved in, 5 years ago, it was almost like a mansion. It's so  large, we got one special room at the far back of the house for our drums. It's so large the kids can bang on those drums like crazy without the neighbors complaining of the noise.Now that we're moving into a double storey terrace, I'm sad to say we're probably gonna have to put those drums away. Worser yet, maybe we have to consider selling it off as my Mom wouldn't hear of keeping them at her place. Boo hoo.

And in all that hoo haa, the Oral surgery Department called me to comfirm my oncall date for next month. On call! Argh. I haven't done on call duties since 2 years ago ( when my then boss told me I lived too far from the district hospital and my mileage claims were costing him more than my oncall allowance). Now that my new place is only 5 minutes from Taiping Hospital, oncall is compulsory. What do we do during oncalls you say? Emergency filling? Emergency extraction? Hah! I wish. You know all those bashed up jaws, lower facial injuries, dislocated mandibels during accidents? We'll that's our job during oncalls. We stitch people's faces up,make sure their jaws don't fall off, take out any broken teeth that they may swallow or choke on and make sure they're fit to be presented to the Oral Surgeon the day after. I missed that these past two years. Now, it's back to hanging on to my handphone like my life depends on it. Phone on the dining table, phone on the praying mat, heck even phone in the toilet. Argh!

Hub's major bummer is that he'll lose his daily running route. He'll have to come up with a new route in our new place.Main concern is the presence of dogs ( our kampung got no dogs, just cows). How do you scare them off from giving chase? Any ideas?
Of course, our LSD route will still be the same. We'll still balik kampung for our LSD. The kampung route is too precious to live or rather run without. Futhermore, we discovered a new kampung lane last Saturday to include in our LSD. Saturday morning's weather was perfect for running. Cool, cloudy and in the last few kilometers, it drizzled a bit. And the sawah scenery was so breathtaking, I almost regretted not taking my camera along. Next time, when I rajin, I'll snap a few and post them here, okay

Ok, here's for another hectic week. Good luck for Sundown, you beautiful people. And for those running in Malakoff Penang 26K, see you guys there.


  1. In dogs' eyes, we must be giants. They are actually terrified of us. If they look interested, just face them and give out a loud androgenous roar, or just clap your hands loudly. Usually they'll chicken away. This works for both stray and domestic dogs.

    But if they are in a pack and they are looking for trouble, try to avoid catching their attention. If you're running, maybe you wanna drop to a walk, or reroute.

  2. where do you live currently? ive always assumed it is in kl.

  3. Stray dogs have proven to improve my running time in the past hahaah, tapi lepas tu semput tak ingat... err, bring some dog cookies/food? Who knows, by few weeks, you'll have some guardians hahaha

    on a separate note, my dentist suggested me to go to PPUM in PJ for my crowning. Any dentist you know who could help to make waiting time shorter? Email me at Thanks

  4. you're not going for sundown? aiyah..

    You're moving from KL? to tepeng?..aiyah..

    Is this mean you still taking part of races in KL? (no aiyah, yes., cantek)

    You got drums to sell - advertise in

    You being on called!! welcome to my world..7 days a week, 365 days a year..we can prove it! The thing is...(mcm syuk la pulak)..different situation u & i..

    You have dog problem - solution : get a wolf as a pet, hayena ke, gorilla? even better..

    well...nanti jumpa kat run..tegur tau...nasik ayam, nasik ayam...

  5. Kak, when you see dogs AVOID EYE CONTACT. Hahaha...thats what I did. Im scared shitless of dogs too sbb dulu pernah kena kejar anjing. Maybe thats when I realised I can sprint. Hahhaha

  6. I'm going to miss all the friendly dogs here..

  7. All the best of luck for your new place. Nice place indeed. Very serene. And give Malakoff Penang an awesome race for you guys. Good luck X)

  8. KakHaza: You know what? somebody actually suggested carrying mace along but God, that's cruel. Anyway thanks, we'll keep your suggestions in mind.
    Nadia: I'm a kampung/small town girl and KL is only for shopping and visiting.

  9. Syah: I have a few friends furthering their studies there but none of them are specializing in restorative dentistry so can't help you there. But check your email, I may have something you'll be interested in.
    Ijam: 1. yep
    2. nope..from kampung near taiping to Taiping itself.
    3. I'll always take part in races in KL
    4.Ok boss!
    5.Oncall =arghhh..Elaun oncall = yeahhhh!
    6. Can I get Taylor Lautner as my pet?
    7. Nasik ayam! hehe
    Nana: Wah! kena ada pengalaman dikejar anjing for speed training ek? If kena kejar lembu count or not?
    Judin: Yes, why are dogs there friendlier ye?
    Diket: Thanks Diket. Good luck to you too for Sundown. Sub 2! Sub 2! ( Eh u amik half kan? takpe kalau FM pun, Sub 2! SUB 2 ! Hehe))