Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cerita tiada kesinambungan

These few weeks I'm experimenting with a new training regime ( Not another one, somebody groans). In order to be better, you must build a base and gain your mileage,and speed will come automatically, says a book by running expert Jack Daniels ( Don't laugh, it's really his name. No kidding). And in order to build my base, I'm running 5k daily for 5 days and an LSD on the 6th. Daily mileage will increase in time.
1st week: Task completed.42K mileage complete and it felt ok.
2nd week : mileage was cut in half. Wasn't able to do my LSD as my parents were vacationing down under.
3rd week: (this week la) Karutttttt...It's Thursday and I only achieved 11K so far. And I'm still pondering whether to run or cross train this afternoon.

Thing is, to run everyday means I have to hit the dreadmill at 5- ish am. And it's so hard to peel yourself from the lovely comforter to pound on, when your children and spouce are blissfully snoring away. Like today , for instance when Hub got up at 5.20 am and saw me still under the covers,he said " I thought you're gonna run this morning"
" Tengahhari lah" I replied and went back dozing.
Apakah? Am I bitten by the M bug?

Last few weeks Hub trained in the wee hours of the morning, which makes my morning run better because I have motivation to get up so early. Recently his daily runs are done late in the evening, while I'm at home cooking dinner and taking care of the kids. And I envy him so much because he can do his daily runs outside while I'm stuck on the dreadmil. Not that I can't run outside. But when it comes to running outside alone, I'm such a chickenshit. There, I said it.

Cluck, cluck, cluck. I'm a chickenshit.
 I hate the catcalls. I hate the weird stares. I hate the orangtuas tsk tsk tsk-ing.
Can't people mind their own business?

I have to serap aura berani from Kak Haza, Kak June and Kak Kash.
I need a good bashing in the head.

Ntahpapela aku ngarut hari ni. I need a good long LSD.


  1. u still get catcalls? wow... eh, dah berapa belas tahun kita tak dengar, haha

  2. kalau pakai misai and janggut masa lari, ok ke? :)

    (ni komen pun takda kesinambungan ke?)

  3. Adik Julin, I've been chummy-chummy with the M bug too this week. And I think the probs with the stares, catcalls and wolf whistles are less with us here in the city, compared to Ipoh/Tepen kot. But I'd just ignore them lah. Let's not give them the satisfaction that their bait udah mengena if we layan them.

    See ya at SCKLM?

    To infinity and beyond!

  4. It'll come in time. I used to be afraid/shy of running alone on the streets until one day, I said to myself, to hell with everyone, I am doing my runs on the road. Stare all you want like I care.

    keep going babe!

  5. it's been so long we had not been running together, i know,...u trained secretly in a secret lair. and suddenly u will emerge as a superhero or something and beat us all...tak gitu?

  6. Think about it, u can run on dreadmills in any kind of weather; panas, hujan, salji, kemarau.. semua boleh.. as compared to running outdoor.

    But, no matter how, i still love running outdoor.

    Ini juga namanya comment yg takde kesinambungan langsung, just like Syah's.

  7. KOG: Mehle lari ngan kite. 2 gals running=catcalls extravaganza. Aduh..
    Syah: If like that, I have to rent Yim's misai la..hehe..
    Kak Haza: M bug ni pesky kan? Syoh , syoh. Yes, let meet togeder-gedr at SCKLM.
    Kak Kash: It's gotta start sometime kan? me running alone. I'll try at my new taman..erk.
    Ijam. Yeah, right. I wish!
    Nik: True, true. Run in all weather but ini bukan comment takde kesinambungan, ini comment rub it in namanya..huhuhu.

  8. Julin, if the place is safe then lari jer sorang and dont worry about all honks, cat calls, the tsk tsk etc .. i live in a kampong area and if i allow myself to think of what they talked or thought abt me, memang tak jadi hehe .. tambah at my age dengan shorts and sleeveless top LOL .. dreadmill tak sama, i havent visited the dreadmill since my last conquer ha ha .. see you next month!!

  9. Kakjune: dreadmill is quite boring kan? especially if you ran that far..nih taktau macamana nak paksa diri lari tempo 5 miles atas dreadmill next week..aisey.

  10. sabaq kak,besa la bunyi2 tu..depa igt budak skola.len kali lari bawak anak2 skali,konpem xdak bunyi2 lagi dah :P

  11. Sun: cihh..yo la tu..kang ngan anak2 akak kena swit.