Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I woke up without the aide of my alarm at 5.20am. It was just like that. One moment I was weaving dreams, the next, my eyes fluttered open and I was wide awake.
 Strangely I felt creep-ed out. Like something was wrong but I couldn't pin point what. So I decided, it was either because of a dream or the fact that it was awfully quiet outside. On other nights, it would sound like the crickets and frogs are having a party out there.

I stepped out of our bedroom. Hub was already out of the house for his daily 5 miler. Kids were sound asleep. I had to do this run before they stir. But that weird feeling lingered.

I grabbed my Ipod and climbed on the dreadmill. Blared Matchbox Twenty as loud as I could handle to muffle out any strange noises that I secretly anticipated, and started running. It didn’t help one bit. With all that music, I felt more insecure. I felt like if somebody or something wanted to pounce on me from behind, I wouldn’t be ready. It was ridiculous. I was in my own home, secured by the locked doors and bright pendafluor lights but I still felt the heebie jeebies.

As I finished the 4th tempo round, I thought I heard a door creak. I glanced behind to see if any one of my children are awake, but there was nobody in the hallway. Okay, that was just a figment of your imagination, you stupid scaredey cat.

I started the machine again. As it cranked up to accelerate, suddenly I felt I was in slow-mo. Like in a dream, when you’re making motions to move fast, but you’re feet are actually walking. And then it got weirder. I felt my whole body elevating, not airborne, just freakishly getting further and further from the floor.

How I badly wanted my kids to wake up and save me then. How I wanted my life partner to burst through the door and sell me one of his theories at that instant. He always has a scientific explanation to everything. I prayed this wasn’t anything paranormal.

And as I was about to go into a panic attack, I suddenly realized that instead of pressing the speed button of the dreadmill on the right, in my foolish anxiety, I pressed the incline button on the left.Hence, the elevation.


And due to that idiotic incident and the fact that I almost made my heart jump out of my chest, I wheezed through the rest of the run. By the time hub was back from his run and my kids were awake demanding breakfast and Jim Jam and Sunny on the tube, I was so pooped out, I was practically slumped on the chair for support.
“ What 's up?” he asked.
“ Foolishness,” I managed to croak.

He went to shower shaking his head and mumbling about it being a woman thing.

p/s OMG! Just as I thought Ipoh International Run will be the last race in Perak this year, I found out there will be a race in Taiping in July! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!Kihkihkih! Hihihihi! Kuhkuhukuh!


  1. Hahah Julin , lucky nothing pounced :) but I know the feeling, dok rasa macam ada something or someone watching u .. *ooo scary hantu story sound* lol

  2. Adala some paranormal stories on my own as well. It's oklah, sometimes they just want to say hello.

  3. my goose bumps raised as I read this post. eeeyea, so creepy lah... you know, some times, when I go downstairs to my kitchen alone with all the lights off, and when I go back up, I RUN!

    My kids and hubby will be asking 'why? what happened? I said 'nothing-lah' But my heart will be beating so fast and I thought I 'felt' something...


  4. Haha ... that day berani run by the kubur plak. Yay Taiping run ... I loike :D

  5. taiping run kurang sopan lah .. women 35 and above can only run in the 7km category LOL .. ish dia ingat kita tak larat ke??

  6. so amende nye yg menjenguk pagi tuh?

  7. KakJune : My biggest fear is my kids pouncing me from behind while on the dreadmill. God forbid. But I like to think I teach them well.
    haha..larian kuala kangsar pun krang sopan..women are only allowed to do 12k but men can do 15k.
    Kak Haza: want to say hello?..they say hi hi , I say bye bye..hehe
    cheryl : I did that too when I was small. I would run up the stairs three steps at a time and my dad would say" what now?"haha
    Yim: hari tu teraanggg benderang..hehe..
    mari semua ke taiping

  8. syah: takde papepun..tetiba je jadik penakut pagi tu

  9. uish,bleh tahan cuak.apa ituuu...?? rilek kak,len kali fuh kiri fuh kanan gerenti depa lari :)

  10. haha..pengajaran : lain kali jangan banyak pikir sangat