Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ale Ale Handro

When we were kids, my parents sometimes would leave the house, just the two of them, for a few hours and leave us with the maid. We would whine, kick and roll on the floor protesting their actions, but they were adamant, saying they're off for some " Grown up" time. My siblings and I cooked up some pretty serious drama, but poof! out they went out the door sometimes without even looking back. What grown up time? we protested. They had their grown up time at work with their meetings and all. Why do they need more ?

And now, fast forward 20 years, now that I'm playing the parenting card, I fully understand the need of adult time. I adore my kids. Love them to death. But sometimes, on certain moments, they drive me up the wall.
On most days, their repetitive questions, their constant control of the remote control, their childish squabble and banter would seem oh so cute but on some days,  when you're really tired and they won't listen if you ask them to just put the cereal bowl in the sink, it can be really challenging.
Oh stop judging me, sometimes you feel the same too.

After months of not taking our grown up time, we took ours today. Our dating day. Took our leave.Sent the kids to school and nursery. Had my parents pick them up for the afternoon. Off we went.

The day ended up like this :

Had a nice lunch together. We missed eating with the kids. Watched Ironman2 ( We want the old Rhodey- okay, I want the old Rhodey, he's more good looking). Chiam would love the movie. Went shopping. Ended up buying mostly children's clothes ( Adik got 3 new dresses). And the whole time in the car, most of our conversation centered on the kids.
" Chiam hari tu takbleh tido so dia kira dari nombo 50 sampai 1, tapi still lepas tu dia takbleh tido"
" Adik hari tu cakap dia nak pegang jari mama satu je, dia dah pandai kira ke?"
" Ni pau ni mesti budak-budak tu suka"

Haha. Some grown up time.

Okay, something on running pulak. As this week I'm not able to do my LSD, as my parents had other business to attend to the whole weekend, I'm hoping to cover up the weekly mileage by running 5K every morning for 6 days. I'm now on my 4th day and I guess I feel okay with it. Lunch break leaves me with Pilates and although I'm only doing Pilates on DVD, it's damn tough, man. Kathy Smith made it look all graceful and easy but I was like a living pretzel. And after that, I had to go to work with wobbly feet and achy arms.

One day, I will have those Madonna arms instead of these penjual pau arms.

Preferably this

Not this

And this Sunday, rather than participating, I will be hub's crew in Larian Kuala Kangsar. After watching the kids for me for three races, I feel that I'm obliged to so the same for him for this race. Be a wife for a change and rah!rah! rah! at the sidelines, eh? Yo la tu, padehal it's because there's no one available to look after the kids. Kihkih.


  1. hi doc, is hub running the Kuala Kangsar Double Bridge Run? I ran once, and I love the route along the river. lama tak dengar abt this run anymore.

  2. my parents still take the time to have their own breakfast dates, sometimes deliberately leaving us behind... merajuk ni!

    yay for pilates! susah kan? try yogilates next.

  3. Hahaha.. i remembered one scene in Mr Bean where when he couldn't sleep, he counted sheeps (in a photo), using calculators..

    One pau a day, keeps your dentist away.. no?

  4. Great moments eh? Nice. Did you feel guilty about leaving them for your "grown up time"? Wifey & me normally do. You know la the hassles & noise from them. Suddenly everything so quiet X)

    p/s. Talking about this, I think our annivessary's coming. Aiyo! I was warned few days ago.

  5. you guys are good parents, don't feel ashamed to admit that, lah...

    ps : apsal your pau seller tak pakai baju masa jual pau? ahahahah

  6. Salam doc.

    Although our kids dah besar gajah, akak & the hubs still feel kinda guilty bila keluar dating 2 org je.. force of habit kot lol.

    Sigh - and to think that madonna is oredi 52 & can still look like that ah!!

  7. Ian: I'll do a report on the larian as a spectator nanti. With pictures! InsyaAllah, if my kids tak lari sini sana.
    Nadia: Yogilates? Aduuhhh.. sounds painful. But anything for those killer arms eh?
    Nik: Yeah, I remeber that episode. After finished calculating, terus automatic tidur. Magis sungguh.
    That one pau a day rule only applies if you eat savoury pau so no kaya/kelapa pau for you.hehe
    Fong : One day, Fong. One day.
    Diket : Masa mula keluar rumah tu rasa guilty, tapi lepas tu ok je. Hahaha. But I miss them a lot during the outing.
    Eh..better go buy her something. I've been buat muka tak malu n reminding my hub about Mother's Day. Ahem.
    Syah : My penjual pau is the very sexy you know. Haha. Takde la, the local penjual pau uses the old wooden pau steamer..ala yang bertingkat2 tu.. If he wants to take one kind of pau, he has to angkat the whole stack of wooden trays..berat tau. As a result, he's skinny but got Popeye's arms. Anak dia pun cenggitu jugak. Hence, tangan penjual pau.
    Kak Justiffa: She's really something, kan? She looks like a sister to her 12 year old.

  8. oh, and that's not a picture of my pau seller's arms..just some random pic of how I don't want my arms like popeye arms. Nanti kalu tangkap gambar penjual pau dia ingat kita tangkap cintan sama dia plak..hehe

  9. i want that madonna arms too .. its funny kan we want time out and ends up thinking and doing stuff for the kids jugak! guess its like that for all !

  10. so,u'll lead the kids as pom-pom la tomorrow ek :P kirim "good luck!" to bro wan won. konpem berdesup dia abiskan :)