Friday, May 14, 2010

Glory days

Growing up,badminton was the only sport we played at home. Our dad was an avid badminton player. Every afternoon after work, he'd put on his white shorts and shirt and before Mom could say anything, he was out the door to play with his colleagues at his teaching place. So naturally, we took it up.

I remember when I was 10 and my sister was 12, we would play outside with the front gate as our net. My little brother who was 5 at the time would be our budak bola.

" Oi, pick up the shuttlecock for us and we'll let you play the next game" we would say, snickering .

And after 3 games, we' would still be playing and he's still the budak bola.
After being tired of getting bullied, he'd go inside and snitch on us.

Then we would realize that playing badminton without a budak bola is such a pain. The hitting part was fun but we hated to bend down and pick up the darned shuttlecock.

Lepas tu, mula la:

"Sape jatuhkan bulu tangkis ni, dia kena amik sendiri" ( even though it's at the opponent's side)
or better yet.
" Sape jatuhkan bola, dia bodo".

And after that , we would get annoyed with each other and quit playing all together.
But no worries, this will all be repeated the next day.


Good luck Malaysia! China is beatable. Give us back the glory of Thomas Cup '92 ( I heart Rashid Sidek at the time..kihkih)

p/s Shuttlecock..hmm..what a funny word.


  1. hahahahaha, cheeky you! sungguh der kelakar!

    hopefully my daughters will pick up running as you did badminton with yours hahahaha - Go Malaysia!

  2. chong wei dgn lin dan sapa menang agak2nya..?

  3. i grew up with badminton too, thanks to my rabid father. there was a time when he even called my friend's house asking me to come back home so we can play one set!

    that 1992 thing is epic. I love cheah soon kit and soo beng kiang! but remember the sadness when soon kit-kim hock lost to rexy maniaky and ricky subagja (spelling?) for olympic or commonwealth? so sedih.

    our hockey is doing ok also what. rindunyer the glory days.

  4. hahah so funny julin , but adik beradik like that lah kan ..gaduh2 pas tu gang balik! hope we win tonight!

  5. hihi.. we drew teritory.. ball katner, die yg amik =) now the racket is like ber-dusty edy =)

  6. syah: I hope my little ones will take up running as well. Mari kita berharap
    Ijam : Chong wei baru kalah n lin dan sempat buat popping yang agak cool..haiya.
    Nadia: And who would've thought then that rexy will be one of our tok gurus, eh?
    Kak June: Haha..biasala tu kak. Just like our kids.
    Fong: I donno where my racket is..lagi teruk

  7. malaysia kalah..huhu..rasa menyesal tengok...huhu..lagi..

  8. Tula pasal...dang diggity dang dang

  9. nik joe ke? kalao ye..thanks for dropping by..kalau bukan, err..thanks for dropping by too

  10. Ingat lagi kami guna tali rafia,ikat dekat 2 pokok and taraaaaaa jadi lah nett.

    Pagi tadi baru teringat pasal piala thomas. Malaysia kalah daa

  11. Haih baru baca ur post kak. Saya sungguh stress kerana saya pergi menonton di stadium ketika malaysia lunyai di tangan china. Penat okie jerit "chonggg weeiiiii, chong weeiii"....