Saturday, June 26, 2010


After reading Ijam and Che's blog about the commotion going on at the bib collection venue in Titiwangsa, we decided to beat the crowd and come early today. The earliest! 9.00 am tops.

We were one of the few early birds there. The guy at the counter checked through my IC but then half whispered to his friend that they didn't have my bib number. Right. I suspected this would happen as we registered online early. But they apoligized profusely and told me they'll have my number in a jiffy.

So after 10 minutes, I got my bib. No hassle ( okay not much hassle), no drama.
But I found out later today, those bibs they handed out were like leftover bibs and of course they weren't personalized. I dont have my name on my bib. Boo hoo.

Kesian kat saye.


  1. hahah

    i got my vest yg label NB terkupil kupil, and logo SCKLM diseterika senget senget... tensen... esok pakai baju adidas lah hahha

  2. uh... aktiviti mengomen blog dah menurun... semua sibuk makan pasta hahaha

    no.1 di situ

  3. I think KL-Marathon should start providing courier service for bibs just like Hoo Haa.
    Glad that you got yours compare to other unfortunate runners. Hope to catch you guys tomorrow. Have fun and good luck :)

  4. Sorry guys for the late reply, tompang internet orang.
    Syah: pasta untuk orang puteh, kita makan nasik briyani ja..haha
    Diket: That's why I love PBIM. They offer courier service. No hassle of race kit collection. Good luck on your sub 4.30.
    Kak Kash: I was hoping I'd bump into you tapi HM route tak lalu..ala