Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's been a week now and we're internet-less at home. Those TM people are really fast when it comes to bills, but take their sweet time to reconnect our line. So naturally, I'm doing this at work.

Post Malakoff, we haven't been running that much. I'm busy at my new work place and after work, we're busy buying things for the new house. Shamefully our only run was Saturday's micro LSD of 10K and my konon 4k recovery run on the dreadmill the next day.

Talking about my dear dreadmill, we found out that the side handle that allows the dreadmill to be conveniently folded when not in use, is busted. I guess it happened during the big move. So now, I have to accept the fact that the dreadmill thread? track? what do you call it? will always be in a supine position, allowing my kids to do whatever kids do on an immobile dreadmill ie:; eat on it, pretend to run on it, dance on it, sleep on it. I swear, the very day the whole darn machine goes haywire, I'm getting myself one of those Nordic Track dreadmill thingamagig. No matter what the cost.
It's a wonder how I'm willing to pay so much for something I claim I hate eh?

Weekend oncall was..urm tiring. By Saturday, I had to review 5 patients in the ward but thankfully by Sunday, all but one were discharged. But just as I thought the worse is over, I get a call this morning at 4.45 am to treat a man assaulted with an axe in the face. An AXE.

Why are people nowadays so ganas one?

By the time I’ve sutured up his face and immobilize his maxillary fracture, it was already 6.40 am and  I had to rush home to prepare my kids for school and get ready for work.
So this evening, I guess I’ll give myself a break and not run.

Ok, I just saved myself some embarrassment just now by minimizing this page as my colleague looked over my shoulder to read what I’ve been keenly typing. I miss my own computer.



  1. This will definitely make you feel better. I havent been running since the past 2 weeks and claim kengkonon nak lari sub 2.30hrs SCKLM la konon. Hahahahaha. If I manage to finish within qualifying time also I think dah power dah. Huhuhu

  2. don't you get squeamish when at work? silly question i know to ask a surgeon/doctor.

    not a lot of us have been doing much running. you're in good company.

    now when i look at selena gomez i think of your son. is he the one you donned on headband and race bibs for the school's dress up day?

  3. ambik le gambar org kena axe tu, boleh post dlm lagak ngeri...

  4. we all baru nak recover from Zero Week, and I happen to be amat bermalas-malasan after Sundown hehehe

    Slashed with an axe? Wallauwey... so vert der ganas! Seram!

  5. kalau penat/tak sempat, lari² "dalam kepala" je boleh buang kalori ke agaknya...

  6. Nana: I have some goals too for SCKLM but by the looks of it, macam susah je. Ayoyo..
    Nadia: Squeamish? Always, dear. What gets me by is a youtube video of this arab kid who cracked his face open when he jumped from a high ledge and missed the water and hit the pavement. It's so gory that whenever I see my oncall patients, I think, " Okay, this is not as bad"
    Ijam: ish, you really sure you want to see it? I'm afraid I'll lose readers..hehe.
    Syah: Memang ganas. what ever happened to normal punches?
    KOG : Boleh je..hehe

  7. It takes nearly a month for TM BONGOK to connect the streamyx back but yet they charge me with full amount for 6 days usage in that month. Best kan. I filed a complain until now nothing been deduct from my bill.

    Before my father passed away i always had a dream where my tooth patah eksiden,kena tumbuk smpi patah,tetiba patah. Some said that is the sign when someone is leaving u.

    hehe..tahyul tahyul

    *I managed to run only for 3km last week. pancit.

  8. Kena lari ke? ehehehehe. My thumb hurts.
    So you no worry ok. Let's give it one more zero week, hahaha.

  9. Gerb: Tu la. Everytime we complain, TM people said " wait another 7 working days". Ni dah 2 minggu dah wait. Hadoiii...
    The mimpi patah gigi/cabut gigitu agaknya don't applt to dental workers because we dream about that all the time. erk.
    KakHaza: Boleh boleh..no problem...thihihi