Sunday, June 27, 2010

I had fun!

Hey guys, I hope by this time you've all finished whatever distance you ran.
I just wanna say I enjoyed every moment of my HM SCKLM. It was awesome. The route was awesome, the weather was awesome and the crowd was awesome. Sure there was some glitch here and there but let's just turn a blind eye and enjoy every moment of it.

I wanna say sorry if I didn't tegur many people along the way. We had a nice long chat with Ijam prerace and we couldn't meet you Full Marathoners at the gantry as it was raining cats, dogs and tapirs. I spotted a few familiar faces along the race though ie Kak June, Sarah and one bro from the Kaki Lambung group (sorry, I didn't get your name but thanks for making me laugh) and I managed to cheer on all FMVs who I met along the way. If I didn't say hi, mesti I tak perasan tu. Sorry sesangat.

Anyway, we couldn't stay long and meet all you wonderful people at the flagpole postrace. We have some errands to attend to and after that, we're going to hub's parents' house in Mambau. We'll be going back to Taiping today as tomorrow, there's an Occupational Health Course in Hospital Taiping for Perak's Nothern Districts and I'm the chairperson, and on the afternoon pulak I have a crown appointment in which the patient is my boss's sister ( talk about pressure).
So you can imagine our rush.
Again, sorryyyyyy.

And I did nail that PB. In fact, it's even better than The PB I dreamt about. And hub PBed big time too. Barefoot!
But I'll save all that for later.
We're off to Nogori Sembilan.



    you're one of my favorite runners because of your diligence and laziness rolled into one hihihi. also because I have a crush on your son since I saw him wearing the headband and the running bib.

    wish we could meet up and say hellooo.


  2. your hubs oso tegur me .. and glad dpt see u even for few seconds .. i had a great time too despite my knee now bengkak macam bola tennis .. congrats on ur pb and i got my pb lah for the moment LOL

  3. Wow! PB big time eh? Congratulations to Taiping RBU members! Glad you enjoyed the race. Safe journey back.

  4. congrats on the PB there doc...

    i thot i saw u while running the HM...

  5. Sekalung tahniah diucapkan dari saya. Hihi..

  6. Some guy running barefoot said hi to me, must have been Wan Won?

    Congrats on the PB and I love your report. So simple!

  7. congrats to you and wan. sub 2 eh? tak nampak from start to finish.

  8. JJ, congrats to both you and hubby for you PBs. Barefoot lagi! Wow!

  9. The power of grey track bottom.. gerenti PB punyeeee!!!!

    Well done doc!

  10. did you hubby ran barefooted or wearing a vibram?

    glad you had fun! congrats both on your PBs! and we must try wearing that grey track bottom! :P

  11. ehh ni bukan race report, kan , kan??