Friday, June 18, 2010

Alanis Morisette

Irony is, you wake up early, get ready for work early, get the kids ready early,gave the them breakfast early but then on the way, all trafic lights are red and your hand bag gets stuck in the car seat, and you're left 2 minutes late from your 7.30 am punch in time.

Irony is, it's finally sunny in Taiping , and you go for your 3rd solo run but after that you pig out at a local pasar malam.

Irony is, you finally find the time to blog, but suddenly a colleague sneaks up from behind and say " Whatcha dooooin'?"

Argh. Darn you TM.Give me back my line.
Cest la vie?


  1. ada lagi...irony is..when you going to your car at a huge ample parking, there will be someone who also the same and park next to you,

    irony saw parking space from afar and when you reach there, there's a kancil/kelisa in that parking spot

    irony saw no one queing at Mc D and u decided to buy, then the line start to build up like crazy on your way to the counter..and you're behind the pack.

    irony're queing at paying counter in carrefour,..and one of the items that you buy no barcode label...


    P/S : #1 ke?

  2. waa…ijam on the roll. asyik first. tak boleh jadi ni. hehehe.

  3. It's like ten thousand spoon when all you need is a knife~

    I love alanis! But not if the bad day happens to me.

    something when that happens to me i'll just take a deep breath and laugh/cry... depending.

  4. What has alanis morisette got to do with this post?

  5. Ijam : Ada teka teki dulu-dulu : binatang apakah yang akan bertukar menjadi babi kat parking lot?
    jwpan : kancil..hehe
    pemilik kancil sila jgn marah, not my teka teki.
    Kak Kash : Ijam tengah treneng untuk Gold Coast tu..hihi
    Kak June : Trying to..:)
    Nadia: Laugh/cry..yes but all I want to do now is punch somebody ( ie the TM people)
    Kak Haza: Alanis called me yesterday and asked for a posting with her name on it. What can I say? hehe..jgn mara aa

  6. haza : ada satu lagu alanis morisette ni something pasal ironic ni kot...

  7. I know she ran the NYCM. 4hrs lagi!

  8. Nasib baik kancil je yg masuk dalam teka teki tu.

    TM ni memang suka di toot dan toot kan. But even after berbakul makian , we still stuck with them. Irony?

  9. Ijam: Love the song
    KakHaza: Macamana yek? artis diorang pun power jugak..isy..the weather?
    Gerb: Ironic jugak oh tm