Thursday, August 26, 2010

Takdela hebat sangat

I have a confession. If I have the time and the kids aren't watching Astro Ceria, I like to watch E!

Don't cringe. It's true.

I watch The Kardashians. My dream run on the thrillmill would be a 50 minute run  at 10 min/mile pace watching Jerseylicious. Unfortunately the tv is upstairs while the thrillmill is downstairs.
Why would I expose my mind to such crap you might ask? Well I find it's the only channel that I can turn off my brain to.
Seriously, once you set your eyes on Giulianna Rancic, you can set your mind on sleep mode and gape away.

Anyway, last few days I caught on The Daily 10 where Sal Masakaela ( or however you spell his name) was interviewing Jillian Michaels of the Biggest Loser.He nonchalantly mentioned that he'll be running in the NY Marathon. " I'd rather die" Jillian replied. When Sal gave her a puzzled look, she told him,
" The two things I fear the most are running a marathon and drowning ". (Or was that childbirth? - see what I mean about switching my brains off)
And I'm like, " Well, I'll be. She's normal after all!"

So you're not so tough after all, lady.

And that's about it.
Itu je nak cerita sebenarnya.


  1. Ijam mesti suka ni...

    P/s: this girl pun pakai seluar grey lah.. sama dgn puan julin jugak... patutla power.

  2. you know why julin, fitness athletes (those who does weight training), don't run long distance. They do cardio to keep their weight down. Its contradictory to their fitness regime.

  3. Nik : eh, kena jugak aku...
    mmg seksi, tak malu kalau nak bawak minum teh tarik.

    Kash : Ian..., a marathoner, a chef...

  4. kita suma jauh lebih terer dari Jillian lah .. what kash said is true.. most of people doing weight training try to shy away from endurance sports coz it depletes the glycogen storage in the muscle. and i'm trying to prove otherwise ... hehhe.

    ijam - don't like the word chef there la bro ... :)

  5. Jillian babe, come run with me. I'll show ya how its done ... right :D

  6. Nik: ha..betullah tu..I knew we have something in common beside the similarities of our names Julin..Jillian..hehe
    KakKash: I seriously didn't knew that. And beside what you said, I also think that marathon training would take up too much of her time. Because she's a fitness celebrity, people are aiming her to get a sub 4 or maybe a sub 3, so she'll have to train harder. Boleh tergunapakai ke theory ni?
    Ijam: Dia tak main la teh2 tarik nih..mana nak jumpa soy latte kat kedai mamak?
    KakJune: Hish, truthfully I pun takut nak lari another marathon. I always think my training is not enough.
    Ian: yes, and is it true if they're into endurance sports they'll lose all that muscle mass? Jillian's keding as she is, can't imagine her to be more keding.
    Yim: Kalau orang utara, dia cakap " Dah keluaq dah ayat gatai"

  7. Betul la, Jillian pi gym utk weight workouts. Nak suruh dia lari berkil-kilo, habis la all those tone body. I rasa kita cuma boleh pilih, can't be both.

  8. Diket: Yeah, especially in her line of work.