Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have been under the weather for 2 days now. I guess I saw it coming after the 10th time my son sneezed on me.
So yesterday at sahur I swallowed 2 pills hoping that it would get me through the day. Unfortunately by 11 am, the effects wore off and I was left with severe chills despite hub telling me that it was scorching hot outside. Thank God it was a public holiday ( btw, Happy Merdeka everybody!).

But anyway, I suffered. The whole day, I was sort of bedridden. No wonder when they were sick, my children just laid on the couch and and made fun of each other from far, not wanting to move. Otherwise they  are usually up and about bouncing from wall to wall.
I was fatigued. I had a splitting headache and every time anyone mentioned food, I felt nauseated. Plus my temperature was running really high.

But dunno why, despite all that, nauseating as it was, I still decided I wanted to have a burger for iftar because nobody can resist a good burger ( at least not me, anyway). So we went to the nearest McD 5 minutes away, splitting headache and all.
When we got home, hub asked what I wanted to have first ( we ordered a whole lot, puasa la katakan),and all I could think of was two panadols. I gulped down the meds, laid down for a while for the antipyretics to kick in and tried to enjoy my Spicy McDeluxe ( yes, with a gazillion calories, I know).
Enjoy? More like forced fed. I can never recall a time I've ended a meal with , " Thank God that's over!" until then.
Tapi habis jugak.

Anyway, I didn't have enough strength to ignore the sluggishness and go through 2K on the thrillmill to complete the newly targeted mileage of 80 KM for August.
I guess 78K is still good.
( tapikan, kite baca kan, ada orang tu kan, dia buat 90 ish K in a week, puh! Kaki gazelle ke apa?)


  1. 78km is a lot dah. Better just get more rest for the recovery je. Hahaha sapa tuh 90km ek? :D

    Get well soon doc!

  2. Severe chills?
    Splitting headache?
    ... and mengidam burger???

    That could only mean one thing. Are you...******* ???

  3. Echo yim's - who's the 90km?

    Echo Nik jugak : are you 內容真? if you are, the pill doesn't work..ha, ha...

    Julin : gambar burger MC D tu takde ke? lapar ni...

  4. btw, there were few emails flying around about McD lost its Halal certification recently, betoi ka? I have been having cravings for a BigMac tapi tak berani nak beli :(

  5. Tabik spring toing2.Sakit2 pun gigih berlari. Org yg sehat ni malas yang teramat.

    Doc, mengidam ada makna ka?

  6. hope u r better, but then again maybe ada apa2 ke?
    syah, selagi govt tak tarik balik or make official statement, i still buy, you knowlah how some ppl suka buat kecoh aje.

  7. amsyah and k.june - Mc D issued full page advert few days ago and confirm it's halal:)

    JAKIM withdraw halal cert on uruguay beef on previous McD burgers, now it's imported beef from Aussie, no issue there.

  8. wow, 78km? I tak lari lebih dari 20km/week pun. Anyway I also have McD cravings cuma takde time nak pi beli. I have not eaten ff for some time. Why eat ff when you have the real deal.

    *ff is fast food.

    Get well soon, Doc.

  9. Semoga cepat sembuh (so that can lari2 summore lol). take care doc <3

  10. Yim: Aii..dia buat taktau pulak dah. It's in your blog kan? Funny that orang terer tu buat derk je ye..hehe
    Nik: Hah! Dah agak dah when I was about to click Post This some people would get into that. No lah. If like that my children are ******** too. Gasp!Eh, enough * ke?

  11. Och, tak sempat nak balas semua kat opis tadi.

    Ijam: Asyik echo2 je..dok bertapa dalam gua ke? Kuikui. Eh, pil penadol la.. pandai2 je nih. Gambar burger tu takdan nak amik plak.
    Kak Haza: I'm so blur one with singkatan so what's that? GBS ngan GCB tau le. Seriously.
    Syah: When the news got out in FB, we checked the JAKIM website. Dia kata halal so we tawakal la.

    Gerb :Lari2 tu taim tak sakit, now sakit dah surrender 4 hari dah. Ngidam tu maknanya teringin nak makan..kuikui
    KakJune: Ya lah. Like I said, just refer to the JAKIM website for the halal and non halal or not yet certified halal place. BTW, I'm kinda better and it's only a viral fever lah. haha.
    Rayzeef : Thanks for clearing that up :)
    Kak Kash: Haha, thanks for clearing what ff stands for. Can't stomach the real deal semalam so makan ff je lo.
    Eh Kak Haza GWS tu get well soon ke? Baru dapat ilham ni.
    KakTiffa: Thanks. I can't wait to lari summore too but hafto puasa lari these few days until I get better 100% :)

  12. get well soon. i think im coming down with something too.

  13. nadia: I guess it's musim kot. You try to stay well, ok

  14. How are you today Doc? Hopefully you've recovered and ready for some kicking. Perhaps body needs some rest.

    p/s. And who's this high miler la. I even read somewhere, somebody hit 200km last month! When I thought everybody is off-season?

  15. Diket: I'm feeling better today, thanks. Perhaps can run tommorow.
    Tu la, terer sungguh high miler tu, next time you see him , mintak la otograp..hihi