Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ice cream flavoured dreams.

It's been a tough week at work. I'm super busy and I think I need a P.A. In the mornings, I turn on my computer, log in my FB account, don't even read through anyone's updates or messages, then proceed on  writing up reports for either the department, state or Putrajaya. Then I have to shuffle and reshuffle everyone's weekly schedule and try to devise a plan on how to reject some people's cuti raya ( untuk kepentingan jabatan) without them hating me to bits. Everyday, people have to line up to talk to me or give me updates, literally. And I'm like pointing to so and so and say, " Okay, you. Go!" while trying to get some filings done at the same time. On top of all that, I still have my clinical work to attend to.

So you can see why I've been so quiet this week. No blog updates, no comments on other blogs. I've been missing out on some of you guys' entries. Sorry bout that.

And I'm really happy to read ( once I caught up) that some of you are logging on some impressive mileage. Good for you! Can't say the same for myself, though.

Since the 1st of Ramadhan, I've only been running 3 times and that only accumulates to roughly 14K. My justification? Well, I don't run outside during Ramadhan. Where got time, meh? After work, I cook for iftar ( boycotting pasar Ramadhan for 3 years now), then bukak puasa, then after our terawikh at 9 ish pm, I get the house in order, then tuck the kids in at 10 ( with yours truly zonking out also). I try to squeeze in my runs at lunch break time, but I can only get roughly 2 miles.
Tonight I managed to selit-selit 4 miles, starting at 9.30 pm, finishing at roughly 10 ish. The kids were angels while I was on the thrillmill ( psaiko diri jap) for 40 minutes, the boy reading and doing activities on his preschool magazine and the girl drawing little female caricatures she fondly calls Bar-de-bi ( that's Barbie to the rest of us). I was parched on the 2nd mile but dare not stop to take a drink in fear that my kids will think I have finished and whine for this and that. So I sucked it up and got it done. I know I could do more but kesian la budak-budak tu. Oh and where was Papa all this while? He went off doing his 24K outside till 12 am. ( which I don't really mind because I wouldn't want to do the same during Ramadhan)

So after the run, I fed them some late night snack, brushed their teeth, and tucked them in, their hair smelling sweet like ice cream ( courtesy of the strawberry scented shampoo their dad bought earlier). Sigh. My babies.

Sometimes you can't be a runner and a mom at the same time.

And I think at this rate, cemana nak capai 5OK accumulative mileage for August ( tiru goal Sun)? Hohoho.
Or should that be huhuhu .


  1. Agree. I love smelling Iris' hair when putting her to sleep :)

    Sabar ye JJ, rehat lah bulan puasa... empat lagi treneng Singapore Marathon lepas raya jengjengjeng

  2. u ada run apa lepas ni? boleh kitorang tau...?

  3. the secret is the determination to finish to carry off your lack off training. that always works for me but i dont advocate it.

    i fear being a mother AND choosing my sports over my kids, which is bad news. so you're on the right track.

  4. aik..bukan kita set 100km ke kak? sudah tukarr kaa? :-) takpa2, lagi separuh bulan. dan lagi kak. suh bro wan jd ibu mithali sat

  5. nanti dah lepas posa oklah tu .. u r doing fine jj :)

  6. My daughter tucks me in. So, she knows how my hair smell.
    *si bapak yg berdengkur dulu... keh keh keh*

  7. hmmm...pasai tu lah aku resign dulu....aku tgk yg bos2 aku dulu pening kepala nak handle staf and paperwork yg dah bukak klinik sendiri pon sama gak...cume yg lebih penting - i'm the boss! haha...suke atilah nak buat ke taknak...takde sapa nak marah...:)

  8. KakKash: Exactly.
    Syah: empattt..tapi we treneng untuk PBIM so takut2 tak empat..hehe
    Ijam: kami join PBIM je..oh and Tanjung 10K untuk geli gelian.
    Nadia: I'm a mother and I'm still afraid of being a mother..huhu.
    Sun: hoih, 100K? Mentang-mentangla hang ada lagi 10K ++ je nak perabih 50K, hang ek no..haha..takpa takpa akan diusahakan.
    KakJune: I sure hope so. Thanks:)
    Nik: I hope you use strawberry scented shampoo as well, just for your daughter's sake..kihkih
    Kelly: uih..ko sampai jugak ke sini.Takpe, bukak klinik sniri takpayah buat keje ngarut2 yang ko taknak buat.Tu yang bes tu. Tapi kalo aku taknak buat pun gaji aku masuk..kuikui.

  9. Assalamulaikum!!

    first time ke saya comment kat sini? :) baca selalu.. comment jer tak.

    "Sometimes you can't be a runner and a mom at the same time." - I agree. tersangat. :)

  10. waalaikummusalam,
    thanks for stopping by..singah2 la slalu..minum2 kopi..hehe

  11. Hoh!dah comment hari jumaat. Tapi tak keluar comment. Majuk ah