Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aduhai Ahmad Jauhari

 Just got this in the mail a few days ago. It's the Malakoff Penang 26K Finisher Certificate.

Once again ( sigh), my finishing pic is a mess so you won't get to see it here.

I'm allright with the timing, I'm happy with the ranking but the category?
Ermm.. ( staring blankly at the ceiling)..ah..ooh-kay.

Yang ni lagi kesian. Muka pun tadek.

Ha ha ha hampeh.


  1. Should I tell Ahmad Jauhari, or AJ for short? He is a friend, well, I know him personally from our tri community.

    Kesian gamba messy.

  2. your photo a mess? tudung kelepet lagi ke?
    u pun dapat gambar medal atas rumput jugak? kesian...
    nanti i, yim dgn nik jadi photographer la senang

  3. women veteran? dia orang cannot find the "look like kids" category lah J :)

  4. women veteran? how come!!! agreed with kak june, looks like kids adalah. in fact letak i sebelah pun org ingat i tua lg
    thats how young you look like :)

  5. KakKash: I'm impressed by two things 1: you know this guy 2: he's managing director and he's also participating in tris...wah!
    Ijam: same predicament; tudung kelepet, muka cam minah senget. Ya la, next time you be the photographer.
    KakJune: Ayoh KakJune, malu la org baca. Tapi we still terperasan anyway..hehe
    Nana: Tipuuu..nobody can look younger than you..well..err. except my kids.

  6. hehehe i love botched certificates! they add character to the hard work we just did :)

  7. awat laa tak share gambar.. share laa.. kelepet pun kelepet lah. lol

  8. nadia: yeah, I'll remember this one as the veteran certificate.
    Sasha: I memang pemalu..thihihi