Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Running in Baju Melayu

Me? Ha! Fat chance. Not me. Him.
And this wasn't his first time. I think I've blogged about Larian Merdeka last year.
Let me check. Oh, ok. Here it is.

Anyway, last Sunday was Larian Merdeka 2010 in Esplanade Penang. It's pretty much the same as last year. Same organizers. Same sponsors. Same route. Almost the same shirt design. Difference was, I wasn't running. Hehe.

Hub has given up a couple of races to take care of the kids while I ran. So this time, I decided it was my turn to be the supporter. Rah rah.

And same as last year, hub decided to run this race in a baju melayu. Kira menghayati semangat kemerdekaan la ni. He planned this like for days but only took the effort to search for his baju melayu the night before the race. Of course la tak jumpa. Turns out he left it at our old home so pepagi bute we had to go there to get the darn thing.

When we arrived at about 7 in the morning, it was quite cloudy and we couldn't tell whether it was post rain or was just about to rain.

" Butang baju aku mana, Pah?"

Whatever it was, 5 minutes before guntime, it poured elephants and tapirs.

 Gile lebat. Worse than Ipoh Run 2009. But the officials were smart to gun off anyway.

Okay. You're dressed for a run. All geared up. Dah datang pun. So RUN ALREADY! But some people so manja, don't want to get wet. Thing was some had the audacity to demand the officials for certificates even though they didn't run with the argument that they paid. Dey?And then when the officals brought out 100 plus for the finishers, guess who helped themselves first. Dey?
( Gambar adelah contoh, takde kaitan sama ada hidup atau mati)

The kids and I waited for their dad to cross the finish line. The kids were in awe with everything. From the rain, to the crowd, to the DJ ( they kept staring at him). But they were captivated when they saw runners making a dash to the finishing line. Nganga. Kagum.

Hubs came in so fast, it was all in a blur.  Or, maybe I'm just a bad photog.
Apapun he came at 31:47 for that 6.5K. Not bad for running all clad up like that, plus barefoot.
You go, honey!

  And it only stopped raining after the race was almost done.
Post race 2010

Post race 2009
Kantoi takde baju melayu lain dah...kuikui.

And this may look like bad parenting, but I let my kids play in the rain.
Hey, you only live once. Let them have fun.

All in all, a very much recommendable race for larian geli-geli. Top organizing. Fees sangatlah murah. No hassle pre and post race. And I know somebody in particular who would love to be there last Sunday. It was raining. The official shirt was white. It was raining.
You do the math.

Oh, and selamat berpuasa everybody!


  1. EPIC!!!!

    Anyway, selamat menghayati Ramadhan Al Kareem, JJ and WW.

  2. OMG!
    Ran in baju melayu. Thats so awesome. Gotta ask booTak to try it one day. Hehehe...and how I wish I can also be with your kids main hujan. Wowwweeeeee

    Selamat menyambut ramadhan to you too kak. and to your family as well. Semoga kita mendapat keberkatannya.

  3. Selamat berpuasa doc...

    hebat betul lari dgn baju melayu dan berkaki ayam *clap, clap*

  4. so awesome. i can't wait to run with my MIL and FIL hahaha! kidding!

  5. hehe.. thats something. boleh join McIjam ngan Skirty Ka for the next run :P

  6. ha, i pun dulu nak pakai pakaian pengantin tapi takde org nak jadi gila mcm i. So, i boleh join le dgn hubby u...huhu...

    comment dulu, baca nanti

  7. Huih, siap samping? Songkok mana bro? Huhu. Medal sangkut kat baju melayu, rasa macam dapat pingat kebesaran laa pulak tu..
    Ijam, jom?

  8. siyes lebat pg tu kak...sbb tu i dodoi2kan adik2 tdoq kat umah je (alasan pemalas). patut dpt pingat rakyat berjiwa patriotik bro wan nih!

  9. caya lah Wanwon!

    selamat berpuasa you guys!

  10. kau la zaki, hari tu aku ajak kau pakai kau taknak. Tengok si husband doc dah pakai dah..
    takpe, banyak lagi larian...

  11. hebat lah siap sampin lagi .. congrats :) Julin, let them mandi hujan, i still do with my kids when it rains elephants and tapir, mak and anak2 yang dah besar panjang, am sure our neighbours think we are weird, but like you said, we live only once kan? hehe

  12. Caya lah! A combination of Hang Tuah & Ratrace? You guys rock. Selamat berpuasa to RBU Taiping branch :)

  13. KakHaza: Slamat berpuasa to you and your girls!
    Nana: If you main hujan with my kids, other people will think you're my kid as well..haha. Happy Ramadhan to you too:)
    Rayzeef: Slamat berpuasa juge. Yo yo lari ngan baju melayu, ngan baju tu jugakla nak terawikh..hehe
    Menantuku: Slamat berpuasa to you!Easy on the physical activities.

  14. Che: That's a good idea. Slamat berposa!
    Ijam: Kalau nak run with him , you kena pakai kebaya putihla, baru cam pengantin..kuikui. Slamat berposa!
    Zaki: Songkok tak jumpa daa..Slamat RAmadhan!
    Sun: Betulla tu. Lebat punya hujan akak pun tak sure depa nampak jalan ke tak. Slamat Ramadhan!
    Syah: Haha. Thanks. Slamat berposa to you and your girls!
    KakJune: My neighbours dah pun think of me as one quirky lady so what the heck kan? Go nuts.
    Diket: Hail the king! Slamat berpuasa!

  15. Ish ish akak kalau tenguk both of u mmg nak tersenyum memanjang.. look so yooung mcm main pondok2 je hehehe.

    And kitorang pun jenis mandi hujan gak, lagi lebat lg syiok ;p

    Slamat berposa doc & 'merdeka' hubby :D

  16. Kak Justiffa: You just made me feel better after some crummy incident kat opis. Sabar,sabar tgh pose.
    Slamat berposa kakJustiffa!