Monday, November 2, 2009

running in baju melayu ( not me)

Larian Merdeka 6.5K at Esplanade Penang 1.11.2009

So far, I can declare this as my ditziest race. Dunno why I was such an airhead from the beginning to the end.

Ditzy moment no 1

On the day we collected our race kits, I started talking about how people run in costumes in some short races for fun. Then,out of the blue, he decided to run in this race sporting a baju melayu + sampin just for kicks.
Me and my big fat mouth.
At the night before the race, I kept asking him " Are you sure ? Are you sure?" like a parrot over and over again. But he was adamant about it so I figured, the least I could do is support him.
But I warned him, If he was going to pull a stunt like this, he should carry it off with grace. Jangan buat malu-malu pulak.
And so he did.


 that baju melayu didn't see it coming

It's safe to say he made a lot of people smile that morning.

Ditzy moment no 2

When we arrived on race day, it was 6.30am and I had a bit of tummy ache. As soon as the car was parked, I jumped off to find the nearest toilet. It took me 15 minutes around the whole Esplanade area to find one, and unfortunately it was locked.
By that time, I didn't feel like going anymore. 15 minutes before the start of the race, I suddenly felt the urge again. My little bro who was our shutterbug for the day said ," There's one over there," and pointed to a tandas awam across the field from where we were standing.
And to think I lost all that time before searching when it was just right there.

Ditzy moment no 3

We were coming to 1km of the race when I realized that I forgot to set my watch. But I pressed start anyway, thinking that I'll recalculate later. You know, plus minus 5 minutes or so. But then only after I got my medal, mingled, rest and ate my complimentary bun did I remembered to press stop.

Ditzy moment no 4

While we were running, I saw a lot of runners wearing shirts with the same company name on the back.And I thought it must be great for their employers to rally off that many staff to run for the company. But when I saw some kids wearing the same shirts, I got confused. They hire kids too?
Only towards the end of the run that I realized they were wearing the run's official shirt with the name of the main sponsor emblazoned at the back. Ayaakkk..ini bahana tak belek tshirt lepas dapat.

can you really blame me?err yup, you probably can.

Ditzy moment no 5

Upon finishing the race, one of the race officials flagged me to my category's finishing lane. I ran to the right but he kept saying " More to the right, more to the right." Well, there was a Vico truck on the far right side of the road, and I thought maybe finishers are supposed to grab a drink first before crossing the line. So I ran towards the truck ( as silly as it may be- but hey, it was my ditzy day).
Nasib baik this other race official at the end of the line ( which was next to the truck) waved at me like crazy to finish at the correct lane.

Ditzy moment no 6

While cooling off, I decided to be like the orangputehs and selamba je duduk atas padang. Nearby was this kid with her oh-so-cute little doggy. The dog wasn't on a leash and he freely roamed anywhere he liked. I noticed it limped a bit and said, " Poor little doggy is tempang ."
Hub snorted, " Tempang mende, he wants to take a piss." And like on cue, he went all over the lawn. Hah, patutla takde sape duduk atas lawn. So much for orangputeh-ness. I forgot orangputehs don't have to samak..

Ditzy tak ditzy, I managed to finish off and add another medal to my minuscule collection despite my stuffy nose which has been bugging me for a week now
And this time, nobody paid attention to me, Mrs tudung clad lady amongst the shorts. This time, I was only the person running beside Mr Popularity in baju melayu and all.
Know anywhere that rents a Barney outfit?


  1. * baca sambil tersengih. Dalam erti kata lain "sengal betul la"

  2. gerbera : Kannnnnnn?
    amsyah: Jgn puji2 lebih2. He'll get more ideas.