Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Dreamin'

To tell you the truth, there were moments into and after the race last Saturday night which made me think of swearing off doing another full marathon.
For entirely entertainment purposes (what other purpose should it be?), let me enlighten you with these painful experiences.

  • After we crossed the 21K mark for what it seem ages, me and hub were thinking the same thing: Why on earth did we sign up for more when we could have end it right then and there doing the half marathon.

  • When I was running alone, with the person in front and behind me too far away to have an audible conversation with, I wanted to scream of boredom.

  • It was 30-ish KM and I’ve been running for more than 3 hours, I stopped and asked a volunteer at a junction how many more to go.
Not far now, only 6K left”

Then upon reaching the next water station, the volunteers announced, “ Ok 8 K more to go”. Arghhh..I wanted to strangle somebody. Tipuuuuu..
And mind you, this wasn't the only incidence.

  • The last stretch of the race, when Pacesetters dared to challenge us with another ascending slope, I was so furious, I could've easily swore. I remember saying to another runner then, “ Dah nak dekat habis pun dia bantai bagi uphill lagi!”

  • When I arrived home battered and nauseous that night, my sister had a good laugh when I stared blankly at the stairs wondering how on earth I was going to get to the 2nd floor.

  • Post race saw me as stiff as a board. Oh wait a minute, plywood pun boleh lentur lagi tau.

But now, after 99% of the pain is out of my system, my feet itches for another full. I'm thinking, I should do one soon because I have done enough mileage and I still have the endurance. I’m thinking I should do one soon because other runners have proved that running two marathons in a span of a few months is achievable. I’m thinking I should do one soon because due to other plans in the next half of this year, I will have to take a break from racing ( racing, not running) for a few months.

But then I rethink my principles. I will not do a marathon just because others are putting more than one in the bag. I will not do a marathon just because I think I can finish. I will not do a marathon just because it’s conveniently there.

I want my next marathon to be greater than this one. To be ,more fun. To be more properly planned. To finish stronger than the last.
And I doubt I can do all that in SCKLM.
(Sorry Golazo, horrific past year runner’s account scared me shitless)

And then I think, what’s the rush? I’m still young. Even Murukami does it once a year. God willing, as my family grows, I’ll have more time training rather than curik masa sini sana. God willing, when I say bye bye to my current employer and be my own boss, I won’t feel as tired stealing away my break time to train.

So, for now, for this year, I’ll concentrate on my half marathons. Who knows, once I can achieve that sub 2:15 ( my personal target), I’ll nail that sub 5 marathon in the future.

Ye, mari berangan.


  1. yup doc...sesedap rasa.

    just because other people do more doesn't mean you have to do it to.

  2. i know a runner who's done a marathon but 25 half marathons! and counting. she is in love with 13.1 :)

  3. shuk: yup betul..sesedap rasa. I like that. Even tho my heart screams for more but I have my limits and I'm settled with that for now. Run happy eh?
    nadia : mak ai..25 half marathons. Juling bijik mata. haha..

  4. seems you are on the right track julin :) do what you want, when you want. you dictate your life. keep running and good luck on achieving your sub targets!!

  5. Next week i racun u & ur beloved cik abang masuk full marathon for KLIM ok. Today is not the right day to do so.
    Keh keh keh keh keh....

    Just kidding. :)

  6. Kak June: Thanks Kak June. Sebenarnya we're just about in the same predicament. I'm cramming all that I can do too, just like you before your big move to Johor - except my plans are not about moving..hehe
    Nik : Sebelum u racun, well register for half dulu..kuikui..but hubs oredi daftar FM what say you? PBIM flatter route what..racun, racun, racun ( on behalf of hub)

  7. u are itching to do another FM because of the adrenaline spillover from ENR.. FM or HM, its your call, doc.. as long as u do it in safe limit :)

  8. congratsss =) its not an angan2 =) dream to achieve =)

  9. Crushhio: yup, totally agree. But now that the adrenaline level has depleted, another FM is out of the plan this year..haha..If I can be as half as good in HM as you..;)
    Fong : Thanks for the positive energy, really really appreciate it.

  10. PBIM FM can be rather flat, cept for the run up the bridge twice. The rest of the route can be rather boring and demotivating due to its complete flatness and one which you can see for miles ahead. Well, this was what the other runners said. I did the HM last year and it was rather flattish but loved the sound of the sea and howling cold winds.

    We start off something, we curse in agony doing it but we're always yearning back for more :)

  11. I think going up the slopes twice during PBIM is okay compared to going up and down and up and down and up and down up down during ENR. Haha.
    Before doing PBIM last year I was also concerned because some said it was boring but I enjoyed it throughly.And like you, I loved the sea breeze. Sejukkk je.
    My heart is screaming for more, Yim but FM SCKLM is too soon for me. Good luck on yours!

  12. dah register half?if not, come teman me do full at scklm lah ;p)

  13. dah daftar la Kak June. I'm too coward to go full in SCKLM..*nervous laugh*,
    Takpe, akak pace ngan Kak Haza la, dia dah volunteer tu. Lagipun it'll be a blast running with a celebrity. Think of it, people will gape and say " Who's that hot mama running with superstar blogger-runner Haza" ;)