Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another pointless entry while waiting to punch off.

I know most of you alternate your running pants when running different runs but I don't. Ha.
Although I have many running pants but seriously I religiously wear only one. The rest are stuffed away in my closet or used as everyday pants or worse still, pyjama pants. Yes, even that RM 150 Reebok track pants.
Why? Because the one that I'm currently using is oh-so-comfy. And with Doraemon pockets. I can keep my keys, mycard, energy goo, some change, heck even a 500L water bottle. But not all in the same pocket la. And after storing all that, it still won't seem bulky. Can't say the same with those expensive Reeboks and Diadoras. You stash a water bottle as small as the 300L ones, and they'll londeh before you even reach the first K. And they're so stretchy.
Most women's long running pants don't have pockets. Pelik betul. To me, pockets are everything in a pair of running pants.
I can't recommend you these pants because I have no idea of its brand. A year ago, I nicked them from my sister's closet and have 'forgotten' to give them back since. Not that she needs them or anything. When asked where she got them, she simply shrugged and claimed she has no clue. They've been in her closet forever. Maybe they're magic pants. Destined for me.
I never dare to wear any other pants in races.You'll see me in those grey pants in all races. They may seem to make my booty look bigger but who cares. Yes, I'm that superstitious.
Eh ,but I wash them after each run la so wipe that snicker of yer face.

The end.


  1. i totally agree, susah nak cari running pants with pockets, the ppl that designed it forget that we have to keep some things on us .. glad u found your magic one :)

  2. Girls, have you seen my kedai runcit before? I got gels, nuun tablets, phone, plasters, and esp the no.1 thing I never leave home in any long run, muscle rub.

    And when i go trail running, I got towels and extra tee. Invest in a good pouch that doesnt bounce much. And if it bounce it means your core turns too much. :)

    P.S U need to find a second pair.

  3. I can stash a 500ml bottle in my Adidas or reebok pants pocket what. Tanya Sarah!

    And like you, Julin, I oso have one pair which I thrash kau2 during training, nak2 nowadays it's hot so laundry dries quicker. Everyday oso can wear, sampai lusuh. The reebok/adidas I wear for races.

    haha, funny, your word v for me is UNTAMALI!

  4. i have separate running pants. I wear my ratty pants out for training runs, and only the 'good' ones I wear during races. The training pants sucks but they are all I have and I don't want overuse my race pants.

    hehehe one of these days hope to be seeing you with your pantssss.

  5. alamak, all comments by iron ladies... going out now. Happy training, and see that grey pant in Cyberjaya!

  6. KakJune : Why la kan? Men's pants are full of pockets. As if we women have our own entourage to carry our running junk ( best nye kalau ada)
    KakKash: " And if it bounce, it means your core turns too much"..err question : turns too much in ke out?..hehe.
    Yes, I really do need to find a second pair or I'll be doomed if the ones that I wear gets snagged in the washing machine.
    KakHaza: Boleh tu boleh but my Reebok tends to ride down la. Why like that a? Maybe same brand different model kot?
    Nadia and Amsyah: Haha..You definately will unless those pants koyak dulu..erk

  7. haha, maybe one day can design ladies sports wear =) nowadays the sportswear are made to be fashionable; not functionable...

  8. true..women's pants are designed to hug our legs so tight that they don't dare to put pockets in fear we'll develop 2nd buts ( or 3rd or 4th)