Monday, March 8, 2010

Miss Cleo can't fix my broken heart

On Friday morning, while going through the usual limbo of sorting out letters from the main office stacked on my desk, I noticed one particular memorandum calling for staffs to try out for KKM Perak's track and field team for Temasya Sukan KKM Malaysia. At first I nonchalantly chucked the letter aside. I mean, who am I kidding. Back then at school, I couldn't even qualify for the senamrobik team.
But as the day wore on, my thoughts seem to linger on the idea more and more. I began to rationalize it all. I am running. I am at the fittest level I've been throughout my life. I've got people who matter around me giving their thumbs up.
And at the end of the day it finally dawned to me : What are you waiting for?
Sure running on the track is so much different than road running. It's much more competitive. Much more fast paced. And I read somewhere that a runner must experience track racing once in their lifetime. It's one helluva thrill.
Okay, so I'm not fast. I'm pretty sure the late Florence Joyner would beat me by a mile walking lenggang lenggok while I run fast bagai nak mati. But what's the harm in trying kan? You never know if you don't try, corny as it may sound.
So today, I handed in that borang. And I'm officially trying out for that track and field team. Try outs will be a week from Energizer run, ho ho. Don't know whether I could even lift my legs at the time but what's the worse that can happen eh? Not getting through? As if that's not an option..haha.

Mustering up the guts to try out is a major feat for me.

But I guess that's a major feat for every girl. I've met so many people wanting to do this and that but stalling all the time with excuses. I don't mean to sound self indulgent here but I've met women asking for advices (shocker!) on how to start running, how to start working out, how to start making that slight change.(It's either they got the wrong person or the person they initially want to ask was out ).

I'm not Miss Cleo. I can't tell you you're procrastinating because of  lame excuses. I can't even tell you your excuses are lame. I can't tell you the magic words to say to your bfs/spouse to allow you to run. I can't tell you how to handle your kids while you run. I can't tell you there's always a way to go around your tight work schedule for that workout. I can't tell you it's not too late to try. I can't tell you all that because it's your life. You're the only one who knows how to get around it. Sure I can throw advices here and there, tell you how it went for me but at the end of the day, it's all you.

You cut through that tight rope. You walk over that barrier.

I convey this to all women who's hesitating on that run/workout/change. Muster your guts to do it.
What are you waiting for?

Listen to this for more motivation. It works for me all the time especially the part :
" Look at your watch now, you're still a super hot female"
he he.

p/s Guys, it wont hurt to give that extra push.


  1. Whoa! I so like those last few paras.

    For every excuse they come up with why they are not running/exercising, we can give them a hundred reasons to move their butts. But at the end of the day, it's just the person, isn't it?

    Good stuff.

  2. Kak, sorry you had to read the unedited version. That's what you get with writing and trying to wait for something to cook at the same time. Typo berterabur! And blogspot stalled and I had problems editing.

  3. Not every woman/girl like to sweat. The only ones who like to do it are those that are 30% male and 70% female (sometimes vice versa). And the men who liked these kind of women are of a different breed altogether. Rare.

  4. Wow....track & field. Good stuff. I always love sprinting on track esp the 100m race. It gives me one satisfaction that I cannot explain. good luck sista, and dont forget get good spike for the track k.

  5.'s now so obvious I'm jumping head first into the unknown. I have no idea what you're talking about. Spike?
    p/s I'm only trying out for the 1500m and 3000m. CAn you believe that's the furthest distance they got for women's category? 100m? taknakle..tercabuit kepala lutuit makcik

  6. makcik? haha come on lah .. where got u makcik? all the best and i trust u will have fun :)

  7.'s only what me and my close friends lovingly call each other. thanks kak :)

  8. Haha...spike is actually the kasut lari berpaku used for track race. Well, they have different type for short distance race (i.e 100m, 200m, 400m) and middle distance race (800m, 1500m and 3000m). I believe you should get the middle distance one. Ask pekedai sukan they shud know. The middle distance one is the one yg tapak dia agak tebal sikit. Yg for short distance tapak dier mcm barely there. Like so nipis. Ewah, im giving spike advice plak ni. Hahahhaa.
    Anyway, yah mmg betul perempuan paling jauh is 3000m. The longest for men is 10,000m. But running on track is really different. Semangat dia mcm semacam sket esp when u sprint. Ala ala Usain Bolt..:)

  9. Ohh..good info.Thanks. I'll think of buying them spikes if i'm in..Meanwhile, I'll just try out in my Gazelles. Bantai je la dik.