Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tapir (no, that's not a typo)

Early this week, when I checked my training log and double checked it with the calendar; I found out that I’m a week off. Meaning, in the log, there should be 3 more weeks of training and I should do a 22K LSD this weekend. But in reality, the race is only 2 weeks away and I should be tapering. So this means, come Saturday, I just have to complete 16K.

A part of me cheers. Yay! Taper! But another part of me has serious doubts. Am I ready? Was my longest LSD enough to prepare me for the whole 26.2 miles? Was it done too early?

As I’m trying not to freak out, my other half lectures me on being a pessimist. But can you really blame me for my premature pre race jitters. I don’t want all that training, all that running going down the drain. I don’t want all those mornings, waking up to run at 5am to mean nothing.

I know I’m being whiney. I know I have to remember my main goal is to finish. But I’m so damn worried that my training is not enough.

Bodoh kan?

He tells me to relax and enjoy the tapering period. Yes, on paper, it does look less intense. It finally gives me a breather. So I do calm down. For now.

 “ So, okay,” I tell him. “ Maybe we’ll do that 16K, but if I feel up to it, can we do up till 20?

He rolls his eyes.

On another note, did you guys notice? Didja? Didja?
If you didn’t, look at my blogger profile. The digits have changed! I have entered the age group of the elites! The 3 series!
I am so looking forward to what the 30’s will bring . Whatever it is,bring it.
And I ask no more than good health, prosperity, and uh, well a Toyota Prius.
But we couldn't find one with a RM 2 price tag.
Oh, well.


  1. Happy 30th Birthday?

    Yes, tapering feels weird, always.
    Post race feels even weirder (especially if you don't have any other big race to do).

    Enjoy your tapir! hehe

  2. no worries, you're doing fine ... as long as you are following a program, you r on the right track.As nik says, it's always feel weird to taper ..... but I'm totally a big believer in tapering .... this is the time that you will get stronger, so enjoy it :)

  3. Julin: why don't we try to run ENR together? we can pace each other. This week you can take the mileage down a bit but maintain the pace. Happy tapering.

  4. Doc - I'm with you with a premature peak. And not to mean any disrespect to Kash, I think I will run with her, or somewhere just behind her if there are too many girls around running with her hahahah - seriously, kash is a good pacer, ad helped me a lot in kota singa.

    oh happy besday! muda lagi nih...

  5. happy birthday and this shall be a good bday present .. i do believe with all your training you are ready , i guess jitters is part and parcel of running :) where are u doing ur full nie?

  6. Nik : I'm tryig to menapir but yesterday did 60 minutes of tempo jugak. Jahat saya nih. Huhu.
    Ian : Tuan guru suruh menapir so I will start today. Sir, yes sir:)
    Kak Kash : OMG! To think how fast you went during NB30K, I'll have jelly legs trying to keep up with you. But, no matter, hub and I will try to pace not far behind you ( fingers crossed)
    Syah: Let's all follow Kash like anak itik..hehe.
    KakJune: I hope so ;)ENR la kak. See you there?

  7. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you,happy birthday to kak julin, happy birthday to u...*clap clap*

  8. hey thanks, Nana. And to everyone else too :D