Friday, March 19, 2010

Taper 2

Haven’t been up to anything overly active this week. Well, there was that 50 minute run at race pace ( I will not announce exactly how fast to save myself the ridicule) but other than that, this week has been scattered with easy runs here and there and cross trainings for mere 20 minutes.

I must admit, I’m actually enjoying this taper period.

After work, I cook and the family eats and afterwards we spend time together watching my kids’ favorite show, Minja Dorrier ( courtesy of Adik or Ninja Warrior to the rest of you). No more watching TV with hub’s constant pounding on the dreadmill in the background, trying to complete his mileage. Or maybe, not so much.

I’ve spent this week ( and the week before) trying to finish 3 novels. And I’m up to number 3, enjoying the last one the most. If you happen to chance upon The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society at the book store, please buy it. It’s highly recommendable. Or should I echo from the book, simply delightful! It’s been a while since I’ve truly enjoyed a good read (Yes, the two I read before weren’t that good). The last rememberable piece I read was The Road by Cormack McCarthy. And this book, by all means can live up to that par.

Tomorrow will be an easy 12K run which we hope to complete early ( Ah! 12 K! I’m beaming from ear to ear). Then we’ll be off to buy Hub’s new pair of running shoes. One of those water sport shoes that’s so thin it’s kinda close to barefoot running. What happened to his barefoot faze? Well, running on a busy kampung road equals to stepping over (or on) animal carcasses scattered everywhere. And God knows which animals they once were ( babi hutan pun ada). So to avoid that but still preserve that barefoot-ish running style, he opted to use those ‘minimal’ shoes instead. It’ll be great if the next Bata store sells those Vibram Five Fingers, but one can’t be indulged in too much wishful thinking. Oh and he’s buying a new pair because the ones he’s using right now has severe signs of wear ‘n tear ( them being so thin and all).

To those picking up their race kits this Sunday, say hey if you see me ( or could recognize me).

P/s Are the recent model of Ipod Nano any good? Mine died on me after 3 years of service. On the dreadmill. Imagine that. Phew.
Mommy’s gonna buy a new toy this weekend .


  1. I have not been running with music for a long, long while. At first I thought I will die, but now I am enjoying the run more than running with music. I started to go music-less during races. Now all my runs are music free.

    Banyak sgt benda nak carry, so one thing less is much easier.

    So until ipod has a wireless (almost invisible ear piece) I wont be listening to any.

    BTW: the new Nano is the best one so far.

  2. you are doing well, keep it up and yes the new nano is by far the best , go get it :) many wonderful colours to choose from too .. have fun!

  3. good luck on the marathon... im doing a 10k and i plan to enjoy it.

  4. datang pick up race kit pakai grey pants ke? senang nak recognize hehehehe

    Perhaps will see you there - picking up the bibs after KL Towerthon

  5. Kak Kash : Like you, I run outdoor musicless-gotta pay attention to the traffic. But I really do rely on the ipod for dreadmill runs. Last 50 minute run on the dreadmill music-less felt sooooo longgg.
    Will take your word on the new Nano
    Kak June: Thanks! I've been thinking of blue/purple.
    Nadia: Catch you there! ( if I can finish that early)And you're so lucky to run with your dad.
    Amsyah: haha..I'm not that anal on those pants. You'll definitely notice us. We'll be with 2 kids who tend to spontaneously break into a dance in the middle of the floor when in large crowds