Saturday, November 7, 2009

LSD of our league..heee

We did our weekly LSD today. Started it at 6.45 am and our venue today was this Rakan Muda Park which has a loop of 1 km. It was intimidating to think at first that we were about to go 16 rounds but we planned to go slow running with the heart rate monitor and practice the 'relax-relax dulu' strategy.

Funny that we were one of the first to arrive and the last to leave. Dari takde orang, ke ramai orang ke takde orang balik. There was this one guy wearing a mizuno wave run vest who ran for one loop and then disappeared. We suspected he went of to do the remainder of his long run at the taman perumahan nearby. It was scorching hot by 8.30 am and the heart rate monitor would chirp every half km in the hot sun so upon finishing the last kms, we were forced to go a bit slower.

Once the 16 rounds were over- which was done at the slowest pace, thanks to the heart monitor, I can concur that 21k in 3 and a half hour ( or less) for me is doable. I just have to remind myself no to go too fast at the beginning and not let my kiasu -ess ( or what's left of it) get the best of me.
Oh and on our 10th K, we stopped for a few mins to get a drink of water and try out those energy gels. Huh, tak sedap. Mine was banana strawberry- tak sedap. Had a taste of Hub's chocolate flavored - tak sedap jugak. And we had to wash the sweetness down with a lot of water.

If only they could liquefy a snickers bar..puh.

sedakkk eeee

weekly mileage accumulation : 29k


  1. Salute u of able to do so many loops, 16 1km loops! The KLCC Park has a 1.3k track, and I will be deeply bored after 4 loops.

    Gel will never be tasty... dun expect too much, haha!

  2. I have to suck it up Doris, we were getting tired going back and forth on our usual running trail to cover up the mileage. But having a running partner helps a lot.
    I sure hope a power bar tastes a lot better. If not, then hand over those bananas!

  3. Running on the threadmill lagi membosankan. Lagi tensen bila tengok screen.
    Hah..baru 2km ke?Betul ke mesin ni.

    Tapi nak buat mcm mane.Musim hujan dah tiba.

    I havent taste any power gel yet. Yang rasa macm kit kat ke ada tak?

  4. betul betul..lari atas treadmill lagi la seksaa. Me have to go on one for daily weekday training..pujuk je diri bersabar bila lari.

    Rasanya kalau ada flavor kitkat pun dia akan rasa chemical-ly.Erk..

  5. Doc, see you in Penang!

  6. Kak Haza..don't la run too fast, I cannot catch up to say hi!

  7. As for Powerbar Gels, i like the Green Apple and Tangering flavors.
    I can gulp them even without water. Yummy!

    I took the chocolate flavor at 30km mark during SC KL marathon, only to throw it away as i cannot swallow it (too thick for me).

  8. ke..hari tu dah grab dah Tangerine tapi gatal tangan boh balik n amik chocolate jugak..
    Next time, time..riooowwww ( bunyik M.A.D cat)

  9. 16 laps of those? I stand by Doris, I couldn't do so many of them in KLCC nowadays - bosan going round and round.

    Congrats for e LSD, it will get easier from now (kalau tak tambah mileage lah hahah). Am not a fan of gels, and powerbar gave me gas. Had melted snickers during TNF last month and it was HEAVEN! But still nuts gives me gas. Anyway, try them out before the big day.

    Good luck in Penang, and have fun running the bridge!