Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4 more days

“ So how far is he running?”

“ A marathon”

“ Good. One of his job description is to be physically fit”


“ So how far are you running?”

“ Half marathon”

“ How far is that?”

“ More than 10 Ks or so. I dunno. I forgot”

And before you can say liar, liar, pants on fire, I was out the door.
I don’t mean to lie to my dad. It just that, no matter how old I am, or no matter how healthy I seem, I am etched in his mind as that asthmatic little girl who lands herself in the ER at least 4 times a year for Oxygen treatment. Even though I haven’t had any attack in say what? Ages.

If I told him before going, the actual mileage, it’s not like he’ll forbid me from going, it’s more like he’ll voice out his disapproval and I’m left with the guilty feeling of going, nevertheless. Oh you know that feeling with parents.

But I’m not hiding it all together. I’ll tell him after I’ve completed the race. My father has always been the ‘you-do-it-first-and-if-all-comes-out-good-in-the-end-then-it’s-okay” type of father (there’s a mouthful). It’s like the time I went to my first rock concert. If I’d told him beforehand, he would pitch a fit. But following my older sister’s advice, I was like “ By the way, Dad, I went to a concert last Friday” and all he said was “ Best ke?”.

But I know he is proud of me. After I finished my first road race, which was only 6K, he was all smiles and praises. I guess he would never have guessed his mandom little kid would turn out to be a runner. It’s like a cosmic joke.

So, I’m dedicating this half marathon to my Dad, and Mom whether I can finish it or not.

Hey, at least I’m willing to try.


  1. mandom? hahahah

    anyway, my mum freaked out when a boy died running Adidas this year, and is very weary of my long distance runs etc, but I have to tell her now and again that I am doing within my means etc.

    Good luck in Penang, and have fun! Tell us all of your glories afterwards ok

  2. Julin, go for it. My advice to you is to start slow, and hydrate and refuel often. Dont let cramps creep in. Its the worst feeling and will reduce you and most of us to walking. Good luck, I am rooting for you!

  3. amsyah: thankfully my parents didn't know about that boy, kalau tak...
    Glories? haha..will do.
    Kak Kash : Noted, boss. I've even prescribed myself 10 packets of ORS...haha..let's overdo everything.
    thanks, guys!

  4. Pn Dr Gigi, Goooooooooooooooood Luck!

  5. thanks gerbera..so amacam? jadi ke jadik pelari hantu kat Duke?

  6. Run as participant.someone malas nak berlari and paksa me replace her.
    At 1st i dont want to & keep pushing her to run on dat day. But she is so stubborn.
    But with or without bip i still want to run. Want to give support to other friends.

  7. Julin, so glad to know that you're doing it too! I'm very nervous and excited, the feeling is like when i was a kid waiting to go on a rollercoaster.

    Hope to see you there, be sure to say hello ok?

  8. gerbera : that's the spirit!
    Tolldoll : I keep trying to not look at the half marathon guide that often because it looks so exhausting..haha..
    Oki doki!