Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finally some time to write mid-week!

This is Michelle Aguilar. She’s my favourite Biggest Loser. Yes, for those who are following the latest Biggest Loser on Hallmark right now, I’m going straight to be a party pooper and tell you that she’s the winner. Oh, stop whining. You knew she’d win.

I love TBL. I watched every season there is on Malaysian TV. I love the exercise regime. I love the transformation. Yeah, sure Jillian gives me the creeps looking like she could take your head off with one blow of her manly fist, but Bob is a hottie even though he seems a little bit gay sometimes.

Yes, I still watch TBL as a reminder never to lose myself again. Almost 10 years ago, I was a blob. Bordering overweight , sedentary, teh /milo ais three times a day for a week. I’d like to blame it on the stress of early Univ days but I guess that’s just an excuse. I wasn’t really stressed out, just couldn’t accept the fact that I didn’t have my adolescent metabolism anymore. That I couldn’t eat all I want and not gain a thing.

It was sort of embarrassing. I was a moving blob but my BF was active. He was rugby-ing, running, kayaking and all, and I was just, well..again a blob. I was like that for 3 years. Sure I got a lot of comments from friends about my shape but I pushed them aside to the back of my head. It took me one rude remark from an ex-high school mate that flipped the switch.

And it wasn’t all that easy. At that time, I was staying in a condo rented by the campus and the gym was off limits for the students. I had to do little exercises in my room.

When I moved back into main campus the following year, I was on track. Did my exercise VCDs religiously and cut back on my calorie intake. I discovered running through my BF. He sort of encouraged-forced me into it. There was this well known taman tasik right in front of our campus. I couldn’t believe how I could ignore it all this time when others would come from across the city to run here ( I still can’t believe it now). Running initially was painful. I was wheezing, limping and bitching all the way. But after learning how to breathe correctly, how to pace properly it was getting addictive. And I like they way it has shaped my body and weight without even trying.

Fast forward almost a decade, thankfully I’m still running. And due to my recent love in endurance running, I feel that I’m in better shape than I have been in years.
Back to talking about the show, I guess it motivates me to do more. Sometimes, when my dumbbells feel heavier on my blah days, I think of all those people on TBL and how they can do it. Sometimes when it feels lousy to just even walk, I think of Michelle Aguilar’s determination and try to emote it. Sometimes when I feel like calling it quits, I hear Jillian scream ,” Unless you faint,puke or die,KEEP MOVING!” And I get my butt moving.

And who would have thought the executive producer is JD Roth. Remember Fun House guys? That game show we tuned to every week when we were kids. The one with the red head host and cheerleader twins? JD Roth was the host. Remember?

Who would have thought?

But Jillian still gives me the creeps.


  1. so please share how to breathe correctly. i am still struggling.

    ada pics masa you were a, err, blob? could be inspirational...

  2. o btw, loved TBL too, but lost interest after winner Season 3 (I think) gained back his weight before the ranch, and some within a year after winning. After that everything seemed a little commercialised...

  3. First of all, I think I'm in no position to give out advices but I was an asthmatic, so the way I was taught was breaths in, in, out, out in tune with our pace. But I think you better ask your friend Ian for better advice, he's the smart one. You guys are wayyyyyyyy out of my league.
    Yeah, what happened to Erik was a bummer and you know every American program will be alot commercialized after it's 3rd, 4th, 5th season. I guess ,just ignore and enjoy.

  4. Tengah membayang the blob Dr Gigi ni.
    I was 65kg back then :). But still struggling to loose few kgs.

    Err..Bob tu mmg gay kan?

  5. Jangan's not a pretty sight.
    Those Kgs will melt off in no time if you keep up with running.
    Comfirm gay ke? Darn it.

  6. this is a bit out of topic... but is drinking milo ais 3 times a day bad? im a huge milo ais fan.. only milo powder and water though, nothing else. ok kan? hhhehe

  7. the ones that I drank a long time ago was full of condensed milk and sugar. So your version is ok I guess