Sunday, November 22, 2009


I can now declare : Half Marathon 21 K - been there, done that.

I just feel like singing " We did it! We did it!" ( lagu Dora the Explorer- my daughter loves the show) over and over again.
The race was great, my run was great and I finished it in 2 hours 35 mins- slow but still, I FINISHED IT!
Race report later, guys.
I'm now busy doing the next best thing after finishing a race,
as orang Kedah will say it - mentekedarah!
(look it up)


  1. Waaaa..(suara Sizuka bila kagum)
    Dulu masa memula start lari tak terfikir pun nak masuk half marathon.

    Sekarang dah start berangan dah

  2. huh, dasat tu... first time dah 2:35.. taniah taniah... shabbas bete!

    marathon la pulak heheheh

  3. syabas Julin! Kagum dengan semangat anda!

  4. Julin, that's a very good time for a first-timer. Medal cantik tak? ..... wink wink ....

  5. Syabas, syabas. Now enjoy post race rest, next you shud target GE30k.

  6. Tahniah Doc Julin!
    Rasa yg amat best kan bila dah accomplish something this BIG?
    Wait till you experience crossing 42km finish line. Feel like flying.. hehe.

  7. Everyone, thanks. But bear in mind, you guys are all my mentors and motivators. I owe you ALL OF YOU this one.

  8. congrat Doc! now we are waiting for 'the' story.. hehe..

  9. Wah, Julin, congratulations!! I was 'looking out' for you but tak pasti if I actually saw you ke tak. I suppose takde lah, you are so so very far ahead of me.

    Tahniah, Doc!!! You are good.

  10. cheramiche : posted!..thanks.
    cheryl : congrats to you too! sorry didn't catch you there tho I was scanning like crazy for you pre, during and post race. Bummer.