Monday, November 9, 2009

A quiet prayer for the solitary walker

Every morning for two weeks now, on my way to send off my son to pre-school, I’ll see a woman / girl ( it’s hard to tell from inside a moving car) walking on the side of the road. A lot overweight, a little wobbly, she dons a shabby shirt underneath a windbreaker and walks along the road - everyday. I see her sometimes too, late in the evening when it’s close to twilight, walking and walking and sometimes, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Sometimes, she is clutching a water bottle, one time I spot her munching on a kuih she bought from one of the stalls along the road ( but hey-she’s trying). Sometimes, she’s taking it slow, sometimes she’s brisk-walking. All those times, I stifle the urge to give her a little honk and show a thumbs up sign. I suspect she was enlightened by some episode in her life and is now trying to improve herself. At least she is trying.

And I’m in the car, reciting a quiet prayer for her. I hope she does well; I hope she perseveres; I hope she will not take every negative remark to heart. I hope she understands what she’s doing right now will be one of her greatest decisions ever made.

Most of all, I hope I still see her tomorrow.


  1. There is an uncle i always bump into while jog at the park. I still remember how big his belly was back then.Brisk walked i dnt know how many rounds every time i saw him.

    And now, he lost lots of weight & run even faster than me.

  2. Among the hardest of all - perserverence.

  3. i had a solitary runner on my own too. 4 years back at the lake early in the morning I always saw this one chinese girl walking towards the lake where I run. She was chubby and stops all the time. but a year after that I saw her at the park and she has slimmed down immensely, confident, and running! I loved it.

  4. nik : kan?
    tolldoll : so should we stop and congratulate them? or will that offend them? I really want to talk to my walker but I'm afraid she'll take it wrongly.
    oh and quick update, I saw her again yesterday, and now she's jogging! and she's got herself a jogging partner!

  5. salam perkenalan julin!...
    im the gal macam tu jugak la.. baru nak mula n nak start my stamina..:)too man excuses already..
    anyhow..wish i have a motivator like u! hihihi

  6. ida..i wish you the best!
    no more excuses okay?