Thursday, August 6, 2009

Training oh training

I need road races to keep me motivated.

This I told him.

If I don't plan ahead, after the last road race, I'll be like " Now what?"

So before Ramadhan, we'll squeeze in one more race in Penang. Only 6k maa but like I said, okla kan for the motivation towards PBIM.

Doesn't mean in Ramadhan I'll stop my training, nope. I'll still do my alternate days 4k but I guess no Saturday long runs ( changed from Sunday to Saturday pulakkk..)

I found out in early September there's gonna be a race in Kampar. So tempting but that's Ramadhan for you. All about temptations.



  1. o please do share macamana nak training bulan puasa. lepas sahur, before bukak puasa, lepas bukak puasa?

  2. lepas sahur - nak tido
    before bukak posa - kena masak
    lepas bukak posa - sudah kenyang, terawikh lagi
    the only time i have is afternoon from 1-2pm working day on treadmill. So kena gagahi jua la