Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last Sunday, managed to get 14 k in the bag.

Felt alot better compared to last week's 12 k. But then, maybe it's because of the post run carbo loading (if there is such a thing) due to my daughter's 2nd birthday bash.

Ice cream cake, nasi briyani, pasembor, mi goreng mamak, chips and fruit juice, oh my!

Worth every calorie of it. Kahkah.


  1. few things beat post run carboloading,
    tambah plak dengan post carboloading sleep..


  2. indeed..but postrun carboloading + sleep + kids fighting for toys + headache = 2 ponstan

  3. sis, there is such a thing called post run carbo loading. well, maybe if you are running for 5km u dont have to think bout it that much, but if in adventure racing, we stuffed ourselves like a hungry cow! hehe.. and i do eat proper breakfast 2 hrs prior to every run, and ORS solution half an hour before the run. and it helps. works wonder all the time.

  4. so post run carbo loading does exist! yeayyyy..hurrah..rejoice!