Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jogathon Kesihatan Perak 2009

Last Saturday, instead of joining the Shape Run at Putrajaya, I engaged in my semangat ke' jabatan'an and ran in the Jogathon Kesihatan Perak.

I ran in the women's junior category for 5K ( that's the longest run they got)

So it was a chilly morning, chilly because the route was a few metres from the beach. As I was in the starting lineup with all those other doctors and nurses and pharmacist and dieticians and paramedics and..( you get the picture), I got a bit jittery and intimidated to see that half the route was all uphill and most of the participants were 19 year old nursing students.

When the gun went off, as usual everybody pecut like there's no tommorow. Lantak korang la. But  at 1k, seperti biasa most of them start walking and I took advantage.

Lari punya lari, I got knots in my tummy going uphill for so long. Then, funnily enough I felt hungry pulak. Halfway I thought I could finish top ten.

Then bila route went downhill, I accelerated. I guess by that time, they were all tired by the hill that they simply slowed down kot. So surprisingly, at almost 4k I couldn't see anyone in my category in front of me. Haik?..bior betik..cam twilight zone pulak. Other runners in other catogory tu adela ( cth men's junior, men's senior 4k, women's senior 4k).

So I crossed the finishing line at 27 mins 14 secs dengan terperasan dapat nombor satu la..wah! But when the officals handed my finishing number, it wrote number 2. Kahkah ..padan muka aku.

Rupa-rupanya ( as told by hub) the first placing girl smoked me by 1 minute. Patut pun tak nampak. But then, she's a young girl and I'm 29 with two kids..so there. Haha. (And I got 2nd out of almost 200 people in my category. )

So all in all kesimpulannya :

1. My timing improved ! Yay!

2. JKN Perak staff are not that fast ( including yours truly la)

3. I got my 5 minutes of fame when Dato' Pengarah asked me twice " Betul ke Dr ni?" when he was handing out my prize.

4. Jgn harapla dapat even top 30 in other races. Sigh.

5. I'm RM200 richer. Makcik kayooo....


  1. betul ke Dr ni? wah, dr gigi ni kuat lari ya? Congratulations my dear! Bila nak belanja minum, hehehe?

    I enjoyed reading this post. best!

  2. haha..thanks cheryl..
    belanja minum? cann...i belanja kat PBIM kat water station..hehe

  3. jadi jugak! i'll surely look out for you at PBIM.. let's make it our date :)....

  4. U're doc? Patut lar a gigi on yr blog name. Anyway.. congrats. Dpt cash. Best kan..

  5. bess...tapi comittee tak bank in pun lagi..boo