Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey guys,

Any of you managed to catch the Women's 5000m  race( Berlin 2009) on tv a few days back?

If you missed it, here it is.

Gile tensen tengok finishing dia. Lesson is, don't slow down when you're near to the end. Give it all the gusto you got.

Another note, did my 4 k today. First run this Ramadhan. So far, I feel ok. But the thing is, This is not my first Ramadhan excersizing. Last Ramadhan was done with weight training and cardio aerobics. This year, I guess kena masukkan my runs in between. 

Some may ask," Whyyy la?"

Simple. I'm a foodie. But I hate gaining weight.

It's a simple equation really:

Amount that goes in = amount to burn out (and then some)

Irony of it is, a lot of people still don't get it.


  1. salam sis.. selamat berpuasa!

    wifey was asking the 'question', why la have to run even masa bulan puasa?

    aiseh, i cant really answer, they dont understand us. thats all

  2. get a lot of those too - I just sengih saja... penat le nak xplain every time

  3. ekceli we're more energetic when we workout during puasa. Contrary to poplar belief, :)

  4. erm..belum start lagi berlari di bulan puasa. Malas betul. Tapi nak lose weight.

    Makan banyak + eksesais lebih = slim and healhty.

    betul kah?

  5. kak haza: that's so true
    gerbera : when trying to lose weight, lagi bes kalau makan sedang + eksersais lebih :)