Monday, August 31, 2009

tadak tajuk

We ran on our normal route today. It's kinda funny because I thought we swore off running outdoors for this month. But despite post sahur sleep beconing, the calling for our normal cuti runs was louder.

Our route is this small kampung road just nearby my parents' house. The road runs along a large canal and paddy fields. Most of the kampung people are nice enough to flash us shy smiles or quietly ignore us when we pass by.

(lebih kurang cam ni la pemandangan)

Today, it was quite damp. And although it was nearning 8 am, not many were up and about. It was almost an uneventful run. Almost, because I nearly pushed Hub into the canal while avoiding a large squished-flat snake carcass on the road. I really hate snakes ( even the dead ones) and after the incident, I was jumpy everytime I heard a noise coming from the dense overgrowth on the side of the road. But this can't beat the time we got chased by a cow on one of our runs.

So we did 6km. I'm hoping of doing it again next Saturday to beat last week's accumulated runs of 14k. I sure wish marathons were that easy. You accumulate runs throughout the week and by the end of the week, you go to the designated spot to collect your medal.

But then, where's the marathon in that?
PAP! (tepuk kepala)

* just another random entry to get my mind off that nasik lemak for berbuka.


  1. wah, cantik betuk pemandangan tu!!!! i hope i have a chance to run at a place so serene and calm.

    this weekend, our group going to hot spring, Sungkai and will be doing some trekking. hope to have such nice scenery loh....

  2. nice kampung, lah... wouldn't mind running through those. nowadays my kampung's bendang padi and taliair side is more like going through Bronx, ramai bebudak/gengsters melepak hidu gam etc... sheesh

  3. i dont have kampung anymore lah.. everyone already pass away. only the old house remains. so every year its wifey house in Sungai Siput will be my 'kampung'. but sure love to try running around when i went back for this long holiday. sure org tengok pelik? haha..

  4. dimaklumkan bahawa gambar di atas adalah hasil di google atas nama my kampung. also this picture is digitally enhanced so it will seem more pretty than it is. haha.
    Sometime in the future , i'll post real pictures that i've taken. It'll be pretty but not as picture perfect as the above. kehkeh
    But still, running in a kampung route is really niiceeee..everyone should try it and ignore all the pelik stares. Hopefully we'll inspire all the org kampung to run as well. That'll be a sight to behold..hehe