Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just found out yesterday that Penang Merdeka Run is postponed to 1st of Nov due to the H1N1 scare. Dang. And I was so looking forward to it.

No matter. Gives me a free Saturday for another 14k. Is it possible after a hiatus of 4 weeks of long runs to just continue and increase the mileage after Ramadhan?

Anyone ? Anyone?

On another note, I do pity my medical collegue these days. His clinic is swarmed with outpatients from 7.30am to 7 pm day in day out. Tak kira yang datang time oncall. Pastu there's rumours that KKM will make it compulsary for all clinics to continue their service to 9 pm. All because of H1N1.

And here I am going to work at 8 and then sengih2 balik pukul 5. No active calls. Not even passive calls ( my boss kata" tak payah la since you're so far from the district hospital" - taknak tanggung mileage claim aku la tu)

I am so not regretting the choice I made 10 years ago in Uni.


  1. Possible.

    I don't think any muslim runner has ever dared the long runs during fasting, bahaya danger, or the puasa will be jeopardized. Let's just run for the sake of maintenance during that month. We have, after all, eleven months to run until we puke. :)

  2. by the way lah kan, I tak clear lagi on AH1Ni etc... what are the symptoms we should look for, target group, what we can do to minimise probability of infection etc.. boleh tolong educate us tak? thanks