Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Try to keep up, son

3 days of all food and no work ( or play) made me one lazy lady.

I caught the flu on Friday and luckily that gave me 3 days of cuti to recover.
However on Saturday, my 4-and-a-half year old son insisted we take him running ( we promised earlier -adehhh), so ignoring my lethargic sluggishness, we geared up and went for a short 1k jog. My parents were out of town so we had to take his little sister along too.
Initially,we took turns running with Chiam, because Adik needs to be carried ( she can walk perfect, but on that day she demanded to be carried) but after some time it was all me and Chiam.

It was quite funny because Chiam tends to concentrate on other things besides the road so there was this one time, he ran straight into a bush because he was staring at his own shadow.

here's the promised pemandangan di kampung.

he just loves this ' telowong'

keep up, son.

" Back in the day, they used to poop in there"
Ye ke? Ntah..aku auta je lebih.

Gambar menunjukkan kami mengkaji grafiti di terowong
Chiam : Mama, FOK tu apa?
Me : Err.. it's a misspelled kitchen utensil, dear.

Balikkkk..try running on flu mode..1 k pon penat tau.

Sekian , trima kasih
p/s I'd like to thank Hub, as he was the photographer-child carrying extraordinaire.


  1. so sweeeettt!!!! wah, mommy start training your son to be future marathoner dah!?

  2. donno la cheryl, he's been keen on running ever since i won that jogathon. he wants to run like mama and bike like papa..

  3. mcm familiar ajer..
    Kampung kat utara ka?

  4. Cantik sungguh permandangan. kalau dapat route macam gini, hari2 nak lari ah.

  5. yes, kak kash..sangat chantek..wish i could run there everyday too