Monday, May 30, 2011


Had a bad week in running last week.

A day after the Kuala Kangsar run, I caught a weird flu bug that left my nose runny especially at the office ( air cond sejuk sangat kot) and me feeling fatigued for 3 days.

On Tuesday, after I got home from work, I accidentally fell asleep at 6 pm and zonked out till 8 pm. Tu pun sebab my kids woke me up saying they were hungry. Alahai. Cooked my family some dinner, then went back snoring at 9.30.

On Thursday, still feeling out of the weather, but pushing it aside thinking that it's just me making up excuses, I ran on the treadmill for half an hour. Post run, I felt good but then later that night, had to telan a few panadols because I felt a fever coming.

The day after, ran again on the treadmill and announced to hub that I was okay to go for that 12 mile LSD on Saturday.

Saturday morning came, I was up early, excited to go.This time, we decided to run at at the Tasik. We figured, to complete a 12 mile run we need to go round the normal loop 6 times. If we use another hillier route, we can complete the 12 mile run in 4 loops.

I thought 4 loops seemed better than running 6 loops. And I better stop bitching about hills and do something  about it.

So we ran. We went up inclines and hills 4 times. I got parched. I gulped down almost 3 litres of water. My quads hurt. My left toe hurt.

When Wan Won suggested to push for a 13th mile, I said," NO!"

I love running, but not that much.

After the run, mentally I felt wonderful. But I couldn't ignore the sores. My quads hurt every time I went down the stairs. Tu la, orang suruh training hills pelan-pelan, aku hantam buat sekali  4. Padan muka.

But on Sunday, I was back running 4 miles. I HAD to complete 4 days of training in a week. Sore or not, fatigued from flu or not, I picked my sorry ass up and ran. When I got home, I felt like I want to lay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing. And then, my sniffles came back.

So today, I rest. My quads don't hurt as much. My sniffles are almost gone. I feel almost normal.
I plan to rest for two days but who knows,  maybe I'll run again tomorrow. ..

It's weird. I'm weird. I know.

Oh BTW, you guys read about the Taiping Marathon they plan to have this September?

It's too early to say anything and I'm nice enough not to judge but pleeeeeeease organizers, if you're reading this, open more categories please! I for one, who swears off marathoning this year, would happily do other shorter distances. But the Open Category is ONLY for 42K.

Ke you're suggesting, kalau nak lari shorter distances, hang join la Taiping Heritage Run seminggu sebelum tu.

Ntah, pekan kecik camni pun banyak plak acara larian ek? Tetibe.



  1. Kasi rest 1 hari before next run. Bagi chance itu otot bukit repair & develop. Baru la dapat keting avatar :]

    Diket Anon

  2. Diket Anon?

    Macam geng Ultraman je

  3. Diket Enon: Tarak boleh la incik. Itu keting avatar Incik Syah suda fail itu patent. Kalu mau guna, mau kasi bayar royalti sama dia RM100/minit. Banyak mahal la incik.
    Incik Syah: Adakah anda sudah patah jari tangan? Sudah tak reti update sama itu blog? haa..sila jawab. Cakpong cakpong.