Thursday, May 19, 2011

Untung 3333%

My turn. My turn.
Although a bit stale.

I had to do some running last weekend. Can't waste a weekeng doing nothing when I'm in the middle of training.
Miraculously, we found out  about a small run in Parit Buntar the same weekend of hub's race and I thought,'What the heck".
And the entry fee murah gile. RM 3 beb. Skarang beli nasik bungkus kadang-kadang 3 ringgit pun tak lepas.

So that morning, I arrived at 6.30 am because the poster said that they'll start at 7.00. Tapi tarak sapa maa..So I waited in the car and contemplated on trying to aim for one of its limited medals . I thought, it's a small race, in a little town- tak ramai orang kot. But as I was thinking this, I saw 2 cars pulled in full of runners from the Nibong Tebal Running Club. Hah, there goes any hope for a medal.

Reporting started actually at 7:10-ish. Aisey, ramai pulak dalam kategori Women's Open. Dalam 50 lebih ada kot. Ingatkan tak sampai 10 orang.  But hey, it's a 3 ringgit race kan? Sape tak nak masuk?

Lepas reporting, kena paksa buat senamrobik pulak. Biasa la, program sukan gomen. Kalau takdak senamrobik tak sah. This time, they called it senam seni. Ada stail joget la, ada buat kuda-kuda silat la. Layan je beb.

But I really thought it'll be like only for 10 minutes because by the time the senamrobik started , it was already 7:40. Rupa-rupanya, depa bantai sampai almost 30-40 minutes, and we were all roasted already.

Finally, they let off the under 12 category. And that was already 8 something. The MC happily announced that other categories will be let off after these kids come back from their run. Huh. Pukul berapa tu? 10?

Long story short, women and men's open were gunned off at 8:40 am.
Lapan empat puluh.
Panas. Terik. Silau.
Lari against the sun.

My first thought, get it over with quickly.
Serius panas.
4K ( je) feels like 12K.
Tambah budak-budak sekolah suka benar brek mengejut. Panas hati beb.

Women/Men's open kena lajak sket and make a u turn at a roundabout. I saw a few men coming back, but no women. Eh? Ke aku silap route?
At one point, the traffic was so heavy, I couldn't see anybody in front and can't look back, so I didn't know where to go, so I was like calling out to the Police guy, " Encik, mana, mana?"

When I came to Parit Buntar's famous clock tower, I knew I was almost near the finishing line.  Bukak langkah la beb sebab nak menyelamatkan diri dari terus dimasak. I swear, these transition lenses are the best investment I've ever made for running but if I get tanned, they'll leave white circles around my eyes and I feel like a gibbon.

Sampai end of a line, an indian boy called out," Cikgu, cikgu! Ambik ini nombo."
Selamat hari guru.

And I won.
Biar betik kan? - korang pikir.
Aku pun pikir cenggitu.

Dapat RM100.
Untung beb.
Lepas race dapat air mineral ngan free breakfast lagi.
Not to mention a nice, heavy coloured medal.


 very karerful.

I'm one happy gibbon.
Uk uk uk.


  1. Mesti yg lain Jeles giler hehe congrats JJ!

  2. Johan...yahooo..meyesal den masuk tioman race!

  3. Nice, very nice for 3 bucks hehe. Small races are still the best to podium. Worth the roasting kannn :)

  4. Bior betik! Betul la tu. Ni dah mula ler lari cari makan ye? Hehe. Congrats! Habis la next year Chap Ayam serang Parit Buntar. Hehe.

  5. KakJune: haha..sapela nak jeles ngan i. Race kecik2 je ni, Kak June.
    Ray: Jgn la nyesal. Okla tu untuk pengalaman. Bila lagi nak dapat cakar-cakar satu badan..hehe
    Yim: Indeed. Small races rock.
    Diket: Haha..okla tu..menambahkan jumlah tourist kat Parit Buntaq..ayaq asam dia sedap woo
    Shuk: Selamat hari guru to you too , sir. Heheh..
    Anyway, thanks guys.

  6. waaa terbaek lagi sekali... akhirnya ke podium juga .

  7. Zul; Ala, sket2 je bro..race kecik boleh la.

  8. JJ: den menyesal x masuk tioman dari dulu lagi..he he. harap dapat jumpa WW next year :)

  9. i jeles hahhah in a good way :)

  10. beh kan dpt podium finisher :P even it just a small event. but worth the wait kan? :P


  11. Haaaa... satu lagi medal utk pakai gi ofis. Wohohoho!

  12. ray: WW kata, " Tengoklah.."
    Kak June: Nothinglah to be jeles about. Small town glory je. Esok org lupa dah..hehheh
    Che: Eh bessss..dapat duit lagi tentu best :D
    Zarin: Chais, kang orang jentik kapla kata kita poyo.