Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Just to share.
I went running this evening. The weather has been bad these past few weeks for running outside after work, but today somehow the sun wasn't so cruel and gave way to the clouds.
During my 3rd mile, I heard a call from some random guy at the side of the road,

" Oi, saiz macam tu pun nak jogging lagi."

Okay, I may act like a tough cookie, but underneath all the logic and practicality, deep down inside, a part of me is still that insecure teenage girl and even just for a fraction of a second, sometimes I do ponder over useless comments like that.

And I think it could either be interpreted into 3 things:

  1. I'm too skinny for running
  2. I'm too fat for running
  3. I'm too old for running  
But like I said, this was only for a millisecond. Because after that, for all that matters, I'm running.
And I feel sorry for the guy because he just doesn't get it.

no captions needed 


  1. Yeah. I get that often also. That's too bad...for them :)

  2. Jeles tu ! So long as u r safe while running, let these crazies be !

  3. Ala dia tu jeles je, take no heed of the LOSER and keep on plodding ya :)

  4. I can't believe he said that. So rude!!

    But yes, as the others all say, ignore the loser ;)

  5. Take it as a compliment je cik salmah...
    Sesapa yg masih guna word 'jogging' tu, ehem kau paham aje lerr...

  6. Its worse for me, not only tua but bangka tp ada akak kesah hehehe... as long as it makes you feel good just keep on running doc ;D

  7. Well done that you continue running, that's the spirit which can surely annoy those buggers...

  8. Diket: Really? I thought only us chicks get harassed. Wow.
    KakJune: I really wanted to scream profanities tapi I think I'm better than that ( plus taknak kena tendang)
    Yim: L's the word. Good luck in SAS ya. Nothing better that running 30K in the woods. Erk.
    Yin: Yah, tell me about it. I ignored him the first round but then the 2nd loop I took another path to avoid his stupidity.
    Zacky: Tu la.. jogging konon. Nenek haku pun tak guna perkataan jogging hokay.
    KakTiffa: Manede akak you still kiut miut anggun dan menawan. And better yet, most girls would kill for your stamina.
    Anon: Haha. Cannot patah balik one, then I'd be the loser.