Thursday, June 9, 2011

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This week has been, is and will be overwhelming.
If you want to read another posting about running, better skip to the next blog.

Last Saturday, my only brother got married. And I'm sad in a happy way and happy in a sad way.

My brother finally got it right. Found himself a nice sensible pretty girl to settle down with instead of the hags he dated before. But in a way, I feel like I'm losing a part of him.

You see, when I'm with my brother, it's like we're forever stuck in a time warp in which I'm always 10 and he will always be 5. We tease each other a lot. We play pranks on each other. I bully him and I guess just because I'm his big sister, he lets me get away with it ( most of the time).

When my husband got into the family, he thought we were weirdos. Macam budak-budak, he used to say. But he got used to it and now when I smack my brother occasionally on the forehead( and he smacks me back), hubs joins in laughing.
But now, if I go on like that, will my new sister think , " Is she mentally retarded?"

 To me he will always be this way.

And then, 3 days after the wedding, my tokwan passed away. My only remaining grandparent.

 He used to get sick before. Had serious heart problems. But he fought back attack after attack. Usually, a day after being discharged from the hospital, we'd find him chopping wood somewhere, or tending his chickens, or digging up something for his orchard ( despite my dad's protests)

A day before his demise, we even talked about fixing in new dentures when he gets well.

He loved reading. He read everything. I remember, if you buy the day's newspaper, you had better get your hands on it first before he did. He'd have it for ages. He read every article. Page by page. If you wait for your turn, he'd ignore you. Berjanggut la tunggu.

He loved his family. All 9 children. All 34 grandchildren. I don't even know how many great-grandchildren he had, but I truly believe he loved every single one of them.

He passed away 3 days after the wedding of his favorite grandson. How sad is that? Or is that supposed to be a happy ending?

Life is weird that way..

Worser yet, this week I'm on call. And it's only Thursday. 

**Normal JJ will be back next week**


  1. takziah on your grandpa. He managed to see the wedding and I am sure that made his day. And ooh, as your husband, your sister in law will have to get use to the brother-sister smacking and weird way of connecting, do not lose that !

  2. It's endearing to have a loving grandfather. I am sorry for your loss, but he is in a better place now. Innanillah...

  3. both congrats N takziah.. may Allah bless him. Btw, ur lil bro looks like ur lil son.. =) ke i mata kabur???

  4. KakJune: Thanks. I'm trying to look at it that way too. And I guess my SIL will have to adapt kan?
    Syah: Thanks. I still miss him though.
    Fong: Thank you Fong. And no, your mata is not kabur. People tell me that all the time. If they were the same age,they could pass as twins.

  5. Tahniah & takziah ye. Jodoh & ajal aje di tangan Allah. Al-Fatihah.

    Diket Anon :]

  6. Diket Anon: Yes, very true. And I'm feeling much better. Thanks a bunch

  7. Salam takziah untuk pemergian nenda, and tahniah for your brother... life's like dat isnt it?


  8. Zacky: Thanks. 'Tis.
    Gerb: Thank you my dear :)